Written by Svengali

29 May 2017

We go to a friends wedding. He is getting married the day before he turns 50. At the wedding, the best man is a tall good looking Irishman. At the reception, we walk into the restaurant, and I notice that he catches my wifes eye. I can almost see the electricity between them.

The next day is the 50th. birthday. We go to another restaurant, with music and dancing. I am on crutches having had an op. My wife spends most of the evening on the dance floor with the Irishman. I watch as they dance intimately. At the end of the evening I virtually have to drag her to the car.

That night in bed she is really hot. She tells me that she likes him. I start fantasising with her about him fucking her, and she really turns on. She tells me what she'd like him to do to her. She is wet inside as we fuck.

The fantasys go on everytime we get into bed and fuck. Eventually I ask her whether she wants him to fuck her. 'Not on my own', she says. 'If you are there, maybe'.

I tell her that I will go and talk to him about it. I go to his apartment one day and tell him that she is hot and wants us to fuck her. He is delighted that we can 'share her', as he puts it. We make arrangements to go out for dinner, then to his place.

On the night she is dressed very sexily, with a loose top, and black slacks. In the restaurant, the electricity is there again.

We get into the car and drive to his place. He is sitting in the back, and reaches over the seat and puts his hands into her skimpy top. Her head rolls back as she moans at his touch.

In the lift up to his floor they are already grinding against each other. Into the apartment and straight into the bedroom. We want to get our clothes off as quicly as possibly. She is now naked, lies back on the bed with her legs open. The bed smells of sex. He is rushing to fuck her. 'Slow down', I say, 'take the slow train'. The room is dimly lit. He is over her and I see his cock for the first time. It is huge, a massive erection. I watch him push it into her and she moans. As he gets it in I say to her 'I love you', and kiss her.

Then I move and put my cock into her mouth. She is going crazy. He then goes down on her, sucking her, she is thrashing around. I am sucking her breasts at the same time. Then we change places, and I fuck her. He has already come and I can feel her wet pussy from his cum. I also come into her, and the 3 of us lay there exhausted.

I take her home, and we fuck again.

'I want to do it again with him', she says.

Not long after that, we did.

(See part 2).