Written by Fantastica

29 Jul 2014

Were do I begin. We have been chatting for a while and I mentioned one of my fantasies to him. We arranged to meet yesterday after work to experiment that fantasy. I was told to take my bra off, pantie hose and panties and put my panties into my handbag. I had to take my toy with as well. We met and drove to our location. I was nervous and so excited at the same time. When I got into the car I was asked if I did as I was told and I said yes and naturally he wanted to see if it was done or he would have to punish me. Ooooo I thought punishment. While driving their I was touched and teased all the while chatting away. on arriving at our location I was told to undress and sit on the bed, which I did, butterflies and goose bumps all over I tell you. My hands were tied together and placed above my head. I was told to lie down on the bed and keep still or else I am going to be punished. I was blindfolded with a Pillow case how sexy and the anticipation of what to follow was high. I felt this stinging feeling on my busts and was being spanked with a ruler o so lightly, then the pegs came out one by one my busts and nipples was pegged, lovely sensation, one I have never experienced before. with the other hand my pussy was teased and spanked lightly more peggs were then placed on my pussy lips, wow nice nice while being fingered and told to stay still or I will be punished more and boy was I punished. After the pegs were removed I was shagged like I have never been before with the toy, the fingers, the mouth, the hand and cock until I begged for mercy. Thank you for the awesome orgasms and experience you gave me, I will be back for more..................