Written by barel005

17 Sep 2015

I always use to come on this site to read some stories and forwarded it to my wife

My wife wanted to play with another woman so bad that we made it our mission to find the perfect lady. One day I started to chat with a lady up in Pta and things led to another and we swapped numbers and pics but we didn't think anything will happen as we are far apart till one day let's say Miss B our Lady friend from Pta said she coming down for some work would we like to meet for drinks the Saturday evening.

So Saturday arrived all nervous and excited we meet al a local pub had some drinks and decided to head home where Miss B and wife could learn more about each other. Got home had some drinks etc I left the room to do some stuff and on my arrival back B and wife was kissing and busy fondling each other I didn't want to interrupt so stood one side until they noticed me with a hard on like never before

I never played with anyone besides my wife so the thought's going through my my was crazy so they invite me to join starting to play with wife 1st as I don't want her to think I want B that bad so wife said she want so see me inside of B which almost made me to Cum in my pants cause B has a nice body not by any chance fit or anything but nice tits and big tight pussy with lips that's inviting as no other

I started to kiss B with my hands wondering around her body until I laid hands on her pussy lips which had a bit of hair on but soaking wet I started to go down on her while she and wife kisses. B said she wants me deep inside of her pussy while she starts to eat my wife's pussy all 3 getting action in one go I had to stop a couple of times before I explode to soon

Will tell rest of story another time