29 May 2017

It's now 2 weeks since we had the Irishman. Everytime we have sex, she fantasisis about him.

'We need to see him', she says one night when she is hot.

I call him, we will go straight to his place. We arrive at his apartment, the front door is standing open.

'Hellooo' we call. 'Come in', his voice comes back.

'I'm in the bath', the voice says. We go down the passage, into the bathroom. He is lying in the bath, his big cock with a huge erection. We stand next to the bath. 'Won't be long', he says as we both stand looking at his cock.

We go into the lounge and sit on the sofa He comes into the lounge wearing a white bath robe, loosley open. He stands next to the sofa. His cock is visible, sticking out just a little. She is at the end of the sofa. She reaches up, opens the gown and starts sucking his cock. Her one hand is rubbing my crotch, my erection is up. Somehow I manage to get her clothes off, and she is now down on her knees sucking his cock. His gown is off. I am also naked. I stand next to him, my body against his. She takes turns with us, sometimes taking us both at the same time.

We go to the bedroom, same as the last time, but this time, I take his cock in my hand play with it and guide it into her pussy. He seems excited at my touching him. He fucks her again, hard. I do the normal, suck her breasts kiss her, and push myself into her mouth. She sucks hard.

I get off the bed and stand behind him. I push my cock against his backside. His hand comes around from the front, and I realise that he is trying to get my cock into his arse. I pull back, no condom, don't know whether I want that.

He finishes with her, then I do what I like, push myself in feeling her soft pussy filled with cum.

We are finished. He lies on the bed, still with an erection. She starts sucking him again while I watch. She pulls me down to where she is and pushes his cock into my mouth. I suck, she licks, it is nirvana.

We finish eventually.

'That was good' she says.

We go home, and fuck again, she is floating.

Next time ?.

See part three.