22 Mar 2017

Morning arrives and I usually get up around 9am, but this time with a hard on as the night's memories are still fresh in my mind. I can't help myself and I tip toe around the house in search of someone who might have not left, other than A who might still be home as planned. Nobody in sight and I make my way straight to A's bedroom, the door left wide open and the shower running in the en-suite.

Not sure if it's A, I take my chances finding her on the floor in the shower, finger Fucking herself. WOW !!! Was my reaction as I see A's naked body fully exposed through the shower glass. My cock instantly rises as if it wanted to explode. A looks straight up to me, calling me with her finger like a slave, I remove my boxers and t-shirt and hop straight into the shower.

A, on her knees, takes my entire shaft like a hungry lion down her throat, choking and gagging on my cock. This continues for at least 3 minutes and I can no longer hold on but A wants to enjoy this moment. A raises herself a bit higher and wraps her huge tits around my greasy cock, tit Fucking me roughly bringing me to my peak but I'm not ready. I pulled back as I wanted A to feel my meat in her neglected pussy, so I turn her doggy and penetrate her tight pussy gently.

A moans out of lust and tells me "go harder, fuck me like a slut, treat me rough". I grab her hair pulling her head backwards towards me and thrust my cock deeper and harder asking her is this how you want it "bitch"?, and she squirts a river full which brings me to my peak again, I leave her hair and slap her sexy round fat ass leaving 5 finger marks, shooting my entire load in her horny pussy. We lay on the shower floor sharing deep kisses and gaining our breath back, showered and continued the day.

The wifey & I continue fucking A till this day whenever we visit. We hope to get A alone someday in jhb to join us further in our escapades.