18 Mar 2017

I'm not much of a story writer but will try my best and would love to hear your comments below.

So here it goes ;

This all begun at the fantasizing stage of our joining the swinging lifestyle. My wife and I used to always share our thoughts as to who we'd like to join us for a threesome whilst fucking should the opportunity arise. Suddenly this 1 night whilst the wife was riding me I asked her, "which female would you like to have right now with us" ?

Her answer took me to another level when she replied, " my brothers wife".

The wife has 2 elder brothers, and the youngest of them happens to be married to my 1st cousin "A" who in turn is a chubby woman with humungous boobs who also happens to be a very physically touchy person and has the habit of smacking the bum when someone walks pass. I always fantasized tit fucking "A" but never mentioned it to the wife or approached A.

We used to visit my wife's brothers during the December holidays and would spend about 3 nights or so at each brothers place before we made our way home. So December gets closer and the time arrives for us to visit the brothers but I have not forgotten the night my wife told me she would love to fuck A. Whilst driving down to MP I remind the wife of the fantasy she has and her reply was I'm going to test the waters and will let you know.

We arrive in MP at the elder brothers house stay our time but all im thinking of is how will A react to the wife or will she spill the beans. The day finally arrives for us to begin our stay at the younger brother & A's place. We settle in and excitement really gets to me in 2 ways ie; I keep dripping pre-cum & I'm also worried if A will respond negatively. Finally I get into the normal routine where the hubby and I chat until he's tired or I watch a movie while he goes to bed. The wife and A always stay awake until late chatting & baking for A's little business.

I finally go to bed waiting for the wife but fall asleep knowing that I would not see either women or the hubby when I awake as they open their business early. I finally open my eyes and as usual am left all alone as they have all left. I notice that I have a hard on and remove my rock solid cock for a wank just to relieve.

Night fall again and we all at the dinner table chatting and laughing but I can see moods are a little different but wait patiently as the normal routine goes on. The hubby goes to bed and i watch a movie hoping to chat to the wife but no luck so I decide I'm off to bed. I get to the bedroom and into the shower still left all blank coming to terms the wife has backed out if this 1.

I get out of the shower with only a towel wrapped around me and to my surprise I find the bedroom light dimmed and the 2 ladies lying all nude on the bed rubbing each others pussys. Without waiting I get onto the bed and by now my cock rock hard as I see A's huge boobs fully exposed to me. I go straight down to A's pussy without saying a word and start feasting on her dripping wet hole whilst my wife goes straight down to my cock and starts to blow me like never before, gagging and choking and my rock hard dick.

I now feel it's time I feed this cock to A's pussy whilst the wife goes into a 69 position on top of A as she wanted to insert my cock into A's pussy which slides in without any hassles. The wife commands me to fuck A's neglected pussy hard then turns and gets on A and shares deep, long nasty kisses exposing her hungry pussy just above A's pussy so I could fuck her too. A dream coming true I take chances fucking both holes hard & enjoying both women showering squirt after squirt until I exploded my thick hot load deep into A's pussy.

We all just lay on the bed regaining our breathes until A slips her gown on and leaves for her bedroom. Wife looks at me and says I need the very same load in me goes back down to my now semi hard cock blowing me again even better than the 1st time until I'm rock hard and mounts my cock pumping my cock telling me how A wants me to fuck her in morning alone as she will be leaving a little later which I did.