17 Apr 2017

How devious can you be?

We live in a sick world full of predators that will try just about anything.

It is shocking to see how many profile that where its stipulates coupes were the wives don't Evan know that there husbands are doing what they doing on here and Evan has pics up, and single profiles that not really single ether.

Just go to show nothing has value anymore. There are certain individual's that will take offence to this and certain individual's that will not.

There is a block facility and you can have individuals kicked off a chat or some would say ignore.

Maybe there should be a name and shame listing so that the real ppl don't need to constantly deal with all the fakes.

How is it we meet our everyday friends in a public place but wen you mention you will rather meet than have a cyber chat on here ppl take offence or say " how will we know if we have anything in common If we don't chat" or our privacy is important like really meeting ppl in a public space automatically says you swingers.

To the devious individuals:

My wife runs the profile that's why only her pics! But wife Neva online or on chats.

Still need to load pics!

Our privacy is important so we cant just meet anyone.

We in the corporate world so can let anyone know our lifestyle.

The latest I heard was I was blackmailed that's why I don't have pic and that was from a single guy.

We have to chat to get the juices flowing.

The cpls profiles where the men on the chats thinks that the reason you on the chat is for sex talk.

Cpls profiles the men want to meet first to see if we compatible.

Can we meet alone without the hubby.

Don't you want to join us wife is bi but she likes to see me with another woman.

Wife not into swinging so I do it on my own.

I'm married but have a fwb that can join.

I can only meet in daytime.

I'm single but cant host can travel to your place.

My cock so big I will fuck your wife good.

Cpls profile says strictly whites only and Neva cross color barrier but starts off chat with do you want to try white cock!

I have wife's consent to play alone!

Do you want to see me cum on cam.

I'm so horny tonight u wanna fuck don't tell your husband.

Wow sum cpls have hot chat that's why they here in chat room.

Are you horny babe I can come eat you my wife boring so I'm looking for fun.

All woman want to try black cock I will fuck you better than any man!

Please feel free to add to list of the fake lines ppl use.