Written by Lomos

09 Sep 2017

The year is 1969; the place is called “Hole in the Wall” on the East Coast of South Africa, one of the most spectacular sceneries of the coastal region which should have been included in the “Garden Route”. One of the most beautiful hiking trails runs through this area. Further north is Coffee Bay and Port St Johns, both popular tourist attractions. The local population consists mostly of subsistence farmers and a few fishermen along the coast.

My wife and I moved to Transkei from the Northern Cape in 1967 to assist with drilling operations along the coast. We live in temporary accommodation and so do the operators, mostly tents and prefab office and workshop. During our off time we go fishing and diving for crayfish and mussels. One of the operators, Frank, who grew up a few miles north of here in Coffee Bay, usually accompanied us to teach us the finer points of fishing. We only wear shorts and nothing else when we dive. The water temperature is around 25 deg C most of the time. When we step out of the water the short will cling to our bodies, outlining our cocks. Frank’s cock is huge compared to mine and mine is not all that small. I mentioned this to Kerry and the next time we went, she told me afterwards that she saw his dick and that it was huge .She joined us every time but didn’t always fish. She would sometimes just sit and watch us as we struggle in the waves between the rocks. I only learned the reason later on. She was hooked on this big dick and tried to see it at every opportunity.

Kerry is a natural redhead with pale blue eyes and a dark skin, contrary to the norm of light and sensitive skin that goes with auburn hair and blue eyes. Sitting on a rock with her knees hugged to her chest, wearing a short summer dress, is a picture from a storybook, the mermaid turned human. We were married the year before we moved to Transkei, so we are technically still on honeymoon, seeing that a honeymoon lasts about 5 years or so, am I right? We still try to spend every free moment together and enjoy sex at every opportunity. We are still exploring each other, talking about sex, talking about past experiences, talking about our fantasies, sometimes roleplaying or suggesting fantasy sex. We laugh a lot and generally enjoy each other’s company.

One of our fantasies, or rather topics that we discuss to create that extra arousal, is the size of a Black man’s cock and the pleasure that can be had from such a tool. This fantasy, if we can call it that, must have meant more to Kerry because she would watch Frank whenever possible and not so conspicuous, especially when he was wearing the minimum. I recall a few times when Frank was chatting up the maid, Kerry commented on his seductive ways and sometimes on his visible erection. She also started to spend more time with him alone but still within sight and without suspicion. It all seemed very innocent, asking him questions about a number of things. We were still learning the local language and Frank became the unofficial tutor.

One day when we were diving for crayfish again, Frank was wearing long trousers and took it off before he entered the water in only his briefs. When he came out his cock was even more visible. Kerry sat sideways on a rock above us with her legs drawn up and her thighs exposed up to her panty line. She lowered her right leg and turned towards us. I could see right up to her pussy, for the short summer dress she was wearing had moved up to just below her panty line. I thought nothing of it until I saw Frank staring at her. I bent down to wash my hands, giving Frank an opportunity to stare. When I looked up, Kerry was also staring, but at Frank’s cock. His erection was obvious and it opened the slit of his briefs so that a part of his cock was clearly visible. She got up, giving Frank and I a last eyeful of pussy, then walked ahead back to the camp.

That evening we cuddled in bed, kissing and talking, feeling each other up a bit. Kerry took my cock in her hand stroking it. I asked her: “Do you feel it growing? It will grow as big as Frank’s if you stroke it long enough” She paused for a moment as if she wanted to think about it or say something, but she kept her cool. I moved my finger inside the elastic of her panty, touching her clit. She gripped my cock tight, slowly opening her legs to give me better access. I slipped my finger between her pussy lips; she was wet, very wet. I inserted my finger into her pussy then tried to insert a second finger. She suddenly sucked her breath, stiffened, clamped her legs together, cried out and erupted in spasms. She caught me totally unawares. I withdrew my fingers, lifting myself onto my elbow to face her. “Sorry” she said, “I couldn’t help it”

“What was this all about?” I asked, suspecting Franks part in this.

“I don’t know it just happened” she said shyly. I started to rub her tummy, bending down to kiss her. She pulled my head down and kissed me passionately. I started to push her panties down; she lifted her hips to make it easy and then kicked her panties off the last few inches. She grabbed my cock and pulling me towards her indicating that she wants me on top. I obliged, entering her slowly, silencing her moans with a kiss. I started to pump slowly then stopped to pull out. She frowned at this move, grabbing my ass to pull me back in. I hovered at the entrance, then, as I slowly insert my cock, I asked her: “Do you want this big cock in your pussy?”

“Yes” she replied, pulling me hard into her.

“This is the one you saw today, the one that almost popped out of his briefs. How do you like that for size?”

“It is huge. I’ve never seen a cock as big as that”

“Would you like to be fucked with such a big dick?”


“Will you fuck him?” I had to ask.

“Who?” she asked.

“Frank. It was his cock that you saw”

“No, I won’t fuck him”. We stopped moving for a moment.

“Why not?”

“I don’t know but it seems wrong to fuck him. Besides, you will be upset if I fuck someone else”

“Who says I will be upset?”

“Will you not be upset?”

“Why should I be upset if that is something you want and I know you will enjoy it?” I started a slow grinding fuck and she responded with thrusts of her own, accompanied by soft mewing sounds. She was now more aroused than ever before. We fucked for a short while feeling the build-up of a monster orgasm. I kissed her again, and then whispered in her ear: “He is fucking you now with that big cock. He is right inside you and he’s going to cum in you now” I pushed hard, trying to go as deep as possible. She responded with a few short cries and then a long wail as she erupted, lifting her hips sky-high, her second orgasm rolling like a huge wave over her. I grabbed her ass and furiously pumping, groaning as I came. We both continued to spasm for a while until we were totally spent. We kissed for a long time afterwards, feeling the need to be close to each other, afraid of the consequences but also looking forward with anticipation to what may happen.

We continued with our daily lives of work and play, our fantasy in the back of our minds. On several occasions Kerry had the luck of seeing Frank’s cock through his wet shorts, until one day when she moved out of sight to look for shells. Frank came out and not seeing her, thought that she went back to the camp. When nature called he did not hesitate but pulled out his cock and urinated against a rock. Kerry watched him from where she sat and when he took his cock out, she froze, her mouth open, surprised at the sheer magnificence of this huge black dick. Frank shook it a few times before attempting to put it back. He had difficulty in getting it back in because his handling caused it to become semi erect. He turned around while still struggling with his cock, then stopped when he saw Kerry move. She was trying to move around the rock to watch him as he leaves. They looked at each other, Frank realised that Kerry must have seen his exposed dick which caused it to go limp suddenly, but when he saw her gaze fixed on his cock, it stirred back to life. He smiled at her. She looked at his cock still in his hand while it grew to full erection. Frank stood still to show off his erection, looking around to see where I was. When he didn’t see me, he stroked it a few times before putting it back again. Kerry just stood there, not saying anything, her eyes fixed on his groin, then suddenly turned and walked away. Frank watched her with a smile, knowing that she will want more.

Back in the camp I started to clean the crayfish and Frank cleaned the equipment. Kerry stood next to Frank as he cleaned the goggles; she put a pair on and looked at him, smiling playfully. He reached out to straighten it, and then moved behind her to check and make the final adjustments. I noticed that Kerry leaned forward a little, bent at the waist, so that Frank’s groin was in touch with her butt. She lingered just long enough to start a positive response from his dick. He completed the repositioning of her goggles then let his hands drop to his side, but his left hand moved over her ass. She turned around, brushing her hand over his dick. Frank asked Kerry if she saw the big squid where they caught the crayfish. When Kerry said no, he offered to show her, telling her to bring the snorkel and goggles. Seeing that I was still busy, she asked me if it was ok and I said yes because I didn’t expect anything to happen and I trusted Frank to keep Kerry safe. They walked back to the rocks and down the dune out of sight. What happened there I only heard from Kerry a while later.

When they arrived Frank led her around a few huge boulders to a secluded little inlet between two rocks. They could only be seen from the water side. He let her sit on a small ledge, then kneeled before her and laid his hands on her bare legs. He looked up into her eyes, and then asked: “Do you want me Madam?” Kerry was scared at first, although she was hoping for something like this to happen, it came too sudden, yet she felt her arousal from earlier still lingering.

“You know that you will be fired and my husband will kill me for this?” She asked.

“Yes Madam, but I know you want this and I also want this” He moved his hands further up, took hold of the elastic of her panties and started to pull it down. Foreplay is something that does not fit into the seduction strategy of black men. Their dominant position in the household is sufficient influence to get the women in an aroused state. Kissing is also an unusual thing to see between black men and women. The fact that Kerry showed interest in his erection and her exposure to him earlier gave him the right to pursue what has become his right. (Ps. This is my own observation and private opinion, so please don’t crucify me for this)

Kerry, surprised by his impertinence, yet aroused by the thought of being fucked by this huge black cock, lifted her ass and her panties slid out from under her. She lifted her leg to pull it off the last few inches. Frank got up, dropping his pants to reveal his rock hard cock. Kerry also got up, took hold of his cock and started to stroke it. Frank touched her bare pussy and slipped his index finger inside. She lifted her face towards him, expected to be kissed. Frank, not used to kissing but not entirely ignorant, kissed her, holding the kiss while probing the insides of her wet cunt.

Kerry felt the kiss was not as passionate as she was used to, but the longer it lasted, the more passionate it became and more so because of the thought of illicit sex. Her breathing tempo increased, so did the tempo of her stroking. Frank pushed her back against the ledge and lifted her dress to expose her pussy. He positioned himself between her legs and taking his cock in his hand inserted it between her pussy lips. She tried to stop him at first, afraid that his cock might be just too big. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“You are too big. It will not fit” she said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go slowly” he countered.

“There’s no time to go slowly, let’s wait for another time”. She was concerned that I might become suspicious.

“Let’s try quickly” Frank offered and took hold of his cock pointing it towards her cunt and pushed forward. He entered

He pushed forward and the head slipped inside. Kerry yelled out once then held her breath as he pushed in deeper, cried out again, inhaled, held her breath for the next thrust, and when it came she couldn’t deny the lust and desire any longer. She lifted both her legs in an attempt to accommodate this delightful cock and with each lift of her hips he sank deeper into her. She clung to him, breathing with short gasps and with clenched teeth making a loud hissing sound.

Frank tried to keep a slow pace to prolong the enjoyment. This was the moment that he anticipated since the first time that he recognised the lust in the eyes of his boss’s wife, and he wanted this moment to last a long time, but he didn’t take into account Kerry’s lust and desire and the state of her arousal. She wanted the maximum pleasure in the shortest time because of her fear of being caught. She wrapped her legs around his lower body, pulling his cock deeper into her aching pussy, squirming, moaning, and begging to be fucked.

“Yes, fuck me. Faster, faster.” Short staccato cries escaped through her clenched teeth.

Her orgasm built up and sooner than expected she suddenly, and with a loud yell, erupted into a frenzy of moving limbs and spasms, resembling an octopus scurrying after his prey. Her cunt muscles gripped his cock and squeezed it on and off. Frank couldn’t hold back anymore and came hard, pumping her full of his thick creamy spunk. With each convulsion of his cock, she bucked, until at last they lay panting. Frank slowly withdrew but Kerry held him back. “Leave it inside for a while” she pleaded. He bent down to kiss her softly. “Thank you” he said, “you took it all. I want to fuck you again”

“I want it too, but we must be very careful”. She still held onto him

“I will teach you to catch squid sometime” He started to pull out but then push it back in again feeling his cock coming to life again. Kerry also felt it stirring back to life but then pushed him off her and got up. “We don’t have time for more, we must wait until next time” she said. She walked into the water, squatted to wash the excess cum from her pussy and legs, stepped into her panty then waded further into the water up to her waist, making it look like they spent some time in the water looking for squid.