Written by Bingo

14 Apr 2016

Hi everyone this is my first letter writting. Well ist something that I would love to happen. I always wanted my wife to be fucked by other men but it didn't really happen. I had to plead and beg her for a 3sum that's was the closest thing that happen close to my fantasy and turn on. She's a friendly coloured woman lovely ass nice fat brown pussy and boobs are ok. Somehow I don't know but think she was fucking at work with someone if I only knew for sure it would be a major turn on.I reckon she's very friendly and can be seduced by the right dominating but also friendly male.I think if she's cornered she will give in. Now days I just have the thought of a guy seducing her secretly and been nawty at any level it surely turns me on. So this one time I had invited a horny guy over and told him the plan , it was in the evening and after she have a bath she don't wear underwear. While we was busy in the lounge talking she had finished bathing. So we gave her few minutes to get her pjs on. By the way this guy was her old friend so it wasn't a big issue. He said he is going to say bye in the room I said ok while I sat in the lounge next few minutes I hear her moans I figured something is happening let me wait few mins then go see.I tiptoed and went to take a peep I reached the room and saw he was busy fucking her doggy style mmmm so much excitement ran through me seeing that he was busy fucking her and enjoying her . He fucked her for an hour that night I just let her suck me . Turned me on so much I loved it . It would be amazing if more of this could happen but with the effect I must somehow know about it like for instance if a guy starts a friendship with her and manages to seduces her and be bit nawty and he writes a story here and tell me read and wow see they have done mmm it would be a huge turn on hey. Well that's just how I feel. Thanks hoping a few stories can be written .... Let me know if there is someone who is confident and a trustworthy guy for eroctic fun....