15 Feb 2017

So I have been on this site for quite sometime and was wondering if any woman experience same.

I have a regular fwb and when I say he is a great fuck, I ain't exaggerating ( only problem our schedules are very busy so minimum once a week).

So I decided to scout for another , lesson learnt not all ppl knw the rules of swinging, whether it's just common courtesy or manners in general.

Endless " when can we meet" " can we meet for a drink/ coffee?" Etc.

Listen we all knw why we on this site , that being said manners are still a basic requirement . If someone says " no thanks " DONT bombard them with questions as to why.

2.if someone looks at ur profile a few times - they will contact u, don't DM them- u come across as forward and if they don't reply - they not interested .

3. If you do not have transport - say so especially if u want to play-MAKE A PLAN.

4. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance , tread carefully, a fuck is a click away.

5.my pet peeve- pls check your spelling when chatting as most men sound like thirsty Fuck boys that can hardly think straight .

6.PLS PLS PLS read the profile/ads properly to avoid confusion.

7.that being said u can be how a great fuck, if ur personality is kak don't expect a call back, yeah we like sex but don't be a twat.

8.if I have a regular or u have pls - no need to swap stories, that's all u need to know- NO OVERSHARING or COMPARING.

9.guys pls don't " we can have more" this ain't the love connection!

10.as a woman I will not be ashamed of my sexuality/ libido /urge to have sex. Pls name calling- it's a no!

I'm sure guys can say same, but that's my 2c.

That being said I still have a opening for a tall, dark and handsome ❤?