Written by karma

22 Jun 2015

My ex always bragged that our sex life was great as it was both our 2nd marriages. What she didn't realise was that one of her best mates would not forget her chirps. I saw her mate at a local pub a while back and we chatted, We met a few weeks later for a drink when the ex subject came up, she happens to still see her. She asked whether ex was bragging or just chirping regarding our sex life, joking I said you'll have to find out,

Well off we went to her home and the fun began, she was as horny as hell and still in good shape. All she said was just do me like yr ex said you did her, being a boob man, I spent a long time nibbling ,licking sucking and fondling a very nice full b/cup pair.

Slowly kissing my way down to her protruding sexy clit, kissing and licking before tonguing her deep. This got the gal going and I now knew this was going to really be good. She came twice all over my face while licking and fingering her with my thumb hitting the spot. Having been friends while married I never thought that she was such a horny girl but was now glad she was. She wasn't shy to swallow my cock all the way down and was really sensual doing it. She asked me if it was better than my ex and yes it was. She asked me what ex didn't do that she could, to which I replied well she luved me going down on her and eating till she explodes but only once allowed me the same. Well she sucked me slow till I said I cant keep it in anymore she kept going till I blew a load into her mouth and her not spilling a drop,

We had some drinks and I started all over again teasing her, this was going to be a real experience as i started making love to her. She couldn't get enough and took it in all positions possible enjoying every stroke. Having 2 erect nipples in yr mouth with a horny gal riding you is heavenly and the deeper the better. She then begged me to fuck her hard which I gladly did. We both came again this time me all over her really nice boobs.

We spent the night fucking at every opportunity and the following morning.

The Karma part was that she had coffee with my ex the following week and the sex subject came up. Apparently she told my ex about this guy she met who satisfied her to the brim and described the evening in detail. My ex has remarried again and said that having a guy fuck you like that are far and few between and wanted to hear all the nitti gritty to which my new horny friend replied, well im fucking your ex and yes what you said was true and thanks for sharing it with us yrs back as im having the best sex of my life. Isn't Karma a nice thing