Written by Titiluva

20 Apr 2012

So where to start...I was dating this indian girl. She was sexy as hell! Anyways, the company she worked for was always sending them away on team building and stuff. So I was always cool about this stuff as it was her job. Anyways, one day, I met her cousin, and as we were talking, he mentioned that the saw her at a shopping centre having lunch with another guy....a black guy. I didn't think anything of it, as she always had lunch with her friends. Then one Friday evening I phoned her to find out where she was, and she said she and some other friends were at a work colleagues house having some drinks. This is when I said...hold on!! What's happening here? Anyways, I phoned like a hundred times and she never answered. So I went to her house and waited for her. She got back as early hours of the morning. And when I asked her, she just shut me out. Months went on and things were a bit F@#$ed up between us, but we were still together. Then one Saturday I phoned her at 7am and she told me that she was on the road. I asked where to and she said to Eastgate. So I didn't say anything, but....I went to Eastgate. I managed to spot her car in the parking lot. So I waited for her. At about 4pm I spotted this work collegues car pulling into the parking area. The car stopped, she leaned over and kissed him....as she was getting out of the car, I saw him pulling her back in....and she really slapped one on him...tongue and all. I got out of the car and confronted them....she admitted that they went to a hotel and F@#*ed the whole morning.....this made me really horny. So I took her back home and F@#*ed the shit out of her. The next day I phoned this guy and arranged a threesome with him.....we fucked her till we couldn't fuck no more! Came on her body until there was no body left......still makes me horny just thinking about it!