Written by Loverme

03 Sep 2017

This is me and my time!

Life is so short, so why have issues and hang-ups, enjoy it, make the most of it, and regret nothing.

And most important do not get to 60 one day and regret, and wonder why did I not do this or that.

This is my motto in life.........

There was a time in my life when I was so shy of who I am or was. My high sexual drive, and aways what people were thinking, the truth is, people will always have their own opinions......so truth be told - screw them.

I am alive, I am a sexual being, and oh my good word, I love it.....

That tingly feeling down under, that excitement, and that Super... Mind... Blowing... Exploding... Orgasm, why deny yourself???

I have evolved from being the shy girl.........., oohhh he is looking at me, making eye contact and thinking the a person is so nice, by just chatting to me, to............., mmhh did he / she just look my way.......and again.........oh wow, now we just made eye contact, and I keep or lock his / her gaze. Important lesson, nobody is just nice and come chat to you, they have seen something they like and want it, I am definitely not that naive anymore, I will chat, and then I will push and ask why you actually here making small talk.

And the answer 9 out of 10 times - they interested!!! And then it starts to get interesting.........immediately everything in my body is switched on, I can feel myself get wet, my boobs starts to ache, almost throbbing, my senses on high alert!

Just that experience alone is worth being open-minded.

I am blessed to have a hubby that gets so turned on by seeing other people flirting with me, and even if I do not play with that person that evening, he knows I am so horny, and he is in overdrive and excited as a little boy at Christmas time, I am still going to have an unforgettable experience when we get home.

Oh, and just by the way, by being a hot wife and being in a cucold relationship, does not mean that there is a "shortage" with hubby, he is more than able to satisfy me, but that................that is a story for another day.

Keep well, do everything, regret nothing and have a super horny day!!!! Till next time XXX