Written by Tuesday Blues Brightened

07 Apr 2015

It started off with one of those boring Tuesday evenings, when cub decided he needed my company and the meeting was arranged. Nice hot bath to get him all nice and clean to enjoy playing with. We washed each other, by this time my loins where making havoc and every inch of my being wanted to fuck him just there in the bath. I left the bathroom and made myself comfortable in the lounge waiting patiently for Mr to arrive, naked to the eye, my my, my juices were starting to run down my thighs by the site of this beautiful creature approaching me. It started off with a passionate kiss him rising my legs above his head and start teasing me with his tongue, up and down, OMW heaven.................. I begged him to enter me slowly deeper and deeper he rode me the earth opened up and I gave my first squirt........................... My ass was then penetrated with my toy after which he rode my ass deep and gently until i begged for mercy. A short break brought him back to bending my knees over is shoulders and fucking deep and hard feeling me squirt all over his cock, blocking the squirt with every stroke into my pussy and releasing the squirt when his stroke moves out again. What an intense orgasm we had. Give or take a couple of minutes, I started teasing my cub again from top to bottom, teasing his cock, balls and ass with my mouth, fingering his ass as I deep throat him ending with my toy in his ass and me deep throating him, the cries of pleasure sounded so good, I ended up cumming with him cumming over my face. Until we meet again my cub!!!!!!!