02 Jul 2018

We travelled to the beautiful Italy on vacation me and my better half, hosted by the most influential folks they took us to the best restaurants and private Villas Milan could offer,

after all the glits and glam all we wanted was clubbing with like minded people not the rich and snoty. I decided to go on line to search for swingers clubs in Milan, there were few of them but I was attracted to the one called Harem because of the pics I saw on their website and I said to my better half lets try these folks and off we went and ohh boy it lived up to the expectations.

We were greeted by a dude who could only speak Italian and he soon realised we don't speak Italian he went to ask one of their regulars who speaks English. within 15 minutes we were taken around the club for orientation and it was what we saw on the site and very clean mind you my better half is a germophobe of note so cleanliness is number one in our list of all things.

We decided to tug ourselves in some nice coner at the garden by the pool on a warm summer night in Milan and there was a full moon and our Gin and Tonic was going down good.

My better half decided to go take off her underwear and pulled up her skirt as a makeshift for a mini dress ohhh boy when she came back from changing all the man and women at the club were drooling at her and we started getting drink offers from all over......

My better half then decided to start touch me so inappropriately and my mojo got sooo hard she let it loose and started sucking on it like her life depended on it and suddenly one brave pretty lady with her broken English said "ohhh my gosh that my dream jungle fever mamba please lady may I just touch it please" my better half said "you can only touch if you have a hot Italian man to eat me while you touch my mojo"

and her boyfriend came introduced himself and we had one more drink together and she started touching my dick she was shaking in excitement as she took my mojo in her mouth in full envy of everyone in the garden.......her boyfriend made my betterhalf moan with his toungue licking her wet pussy....

to be continued...............................