Written by eastrandguy

17 May 2013

Firstly an Appology is due for the bad writing in part 1 - I was overeager to share it. Here is the 2nd part.

The next morning all awoke with hangovers and smiles around. We made breakfast and took the kids out on the boat for some fun, the day carried on uneventful with smiles and locked eyes during the day. I was beginning to doubt what sort of a plan my wife would be able to come up with for Kylie and myself to be alone.

Mark and Kylie's little boy had bumped his head and earned himself 5 stiches, he was feeling very sorry for himself and when I said that I was going to take the boat out for a ride and fill up my wife suggested that Kylie come with me so that I can show her how fast my boat can go as the kids would stay with Mark and her. Kylie's eyes lit up and she looked at Mark and tried to hide her excitement, Mark said it was a good idea and soon myself and Kylie were walking together down to the boat, I helped her in and we launched off with a roar of the engines. As soon as the boat had plained out I looked at Kylie who had turned her chair to face me and had her legs spread with he bikini pulled to the site exposing her pink, wet and puffy pussy. God I nearly lost control - I opened the boat up to full speed and sped off around the bend and headed off to open water where we would be alone.

As I reached an open spot i slowed the boat down and positioned ourselves to allow us to drift for a while. I got down on my knees between her legs and lapped hungrily at her wet pussy, my hands were stripping off the balance of her clothing and soon my hands were feeling her breasts, letting her suck my fingers as they were my cock. God she was wet, I took my fingers from her mouth and gently pushed two fingers deep into her pussy working and tapping on her G-spot while my tongue licked and lapped at her clit. Kylie was soon bucking her hips wanting more and I picked up the tempo and worked her g-spot hard. I saw the worried look in her eyes and told her to let go, its not pee and at that she started spraying me with her pussy juice. She bucked and shook like an electro therapy patient. I brought her down from her orgasim with gently tickling her tummy and playing with her hair.

We lay on the long bench and just took it all in, the blistering hot sun on our skin, us being able to be together. Kylie slid her hand down from my chest and grabbed my cock which was standing to attention. "I enjoyed last night, it was sooo good even if it was a limited time. I really enjoyed having you in me and having your cum leeking out of me the whole day has made me exteremly horny" Sarah told me in a matter of fact way. "you are the only man I have been with who has been able to get me to climax during sex? Normally I can only climax with my vibrator when I am doing it. Mark has now resigned himself to just use my body and that's it - he doesn't even try to get me close to climax anymore" I was shocked at how such a creation of god who was made for sin was almost always left hanging - I decided then to make a challenge of it.

She wad busy moving her head down to my cock when I stopped her ,"no not now, I want you. There will be more time to suck me off later" with that she straddled me and put the head of my cock at her moist lips, she moved my cock around coating it in her pussy juices which were covering her thighs. Without further ado she dropped herself onto my cock causing both of us to ghasp. She sat still and slowly started to rock back and forth on my cock pressing our pubic bones together hard. God she was tight, I could feel every part of her pussy gripping my cock. She the took her fingers and parted her pussy lips so that I could get a nice view as she started to ride up and down my cock.

Hell this was turning out to be the best easter weekend yet, here I was lying down on a boat in the middle of the Vaal having my cock ridden by a blonde beauty and all I was doing was lying back and admiring the view. My cock was glistening with her pussy juice and I could feel that it was running down onto my balls. At that point I grabbed hold of her hips and she held onto the head railing while I hammered away at her pussy. The sound of us fucking drove her wild with Kylie rubbing her clit and making funny moaning noises, she threw her head back in elation as the first of a series of orgasims started racking her body. She just kept still holding onto the head rail while I kept fucking her pussy. I could feel that I was close and decided that I didn't want to cum now as we didn't have the whole day for multiple romps. I pulled out and nestled my head between those sweet pussy lips enjoying the taste of her, she responded by rubbing her pussy lips up and down my face. Oh hell I love using a woman but I enjoy being used just as much.

I stood up and motioned for Kylie to kneel on the bench, I had her kneel with her legs together and bum in the air, she was leaning on the edge of the boat with her backside pointing nicely at me. I knelt down behind her and continued to lick her pussy lips but this time I started gently rubbing her pink rosebud. She pushed her hips back and moaned, clearly she likes to be played with back there. I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them allowing me access to her rosebud, my tongue tickled its way up and started circling her ass which sent her into shivers. I slowly inserted a finger into her pussy and fucked her pussy with my finger while I reamed her, I then took my finger from her wet, tight pussy and slowly eased it into her tight ass with Kylies moans picking up I worked the second finger into her ass and kept loosening her up for my cock which I now offered to her eager pussy.

I kept slowly working her ass with my fingers while my cock slid in and out of her pussy, I saw the skin on the back of her neck start turning crimson as another orgasim ripped through her body sending her muscles into overdrive around my cock.

I withdrew my swollen and pussy juice covered cock and pulled my fingers out of her ass, I put the head of my cock at her ass and slowly pushed in. At first I thought I would never get in or hurt her trying. Kylie then pushed herself back hard against my cock and I entered her in one clean motion to about half way. I kept my cock motionless savouring the feeling of her tightness, my cock was twitching from excitement and I feared that I would blow my load soon without having properly fucked Kylies ass. I held my breath and slowed my heart rate down, and started to slowly withdraw a little at first then push in a little, I kept these small movements till I felt that I could pick up the tempo, Kylie was by now rubbing her clit again and started her oh so fabulous moaning. Within minutes I was pounding away at her tight ass and leaving angry scarlet hand prints on her very find derrier. I could feel she was close, she now had two finger crammed into her pussy and was working her newly awakened G-spot. It didn't take us long but soon enough we were both in the midst of a serious orgasim, I kept at it and could feel streams of cum shooting deep into Kylie ass as her own orgasim shot through her body.

After I climax I stayed inside her and just lay ontop of her enjoying the pulsing of our bodies. From all our physical exertion I had worked up a sweat and decided to jump overboard and cool off a bit, Katie joined and we played around like teenage lovers on holidays. We climbed back on board where Kylie sat on my lap and we headed off to go and fill the boat.

We made small chit chat and generally had a good time, Kylie had told me that this was the first time that she had anal sex and was also a first that she had multiple orgasims during sex. I was honoured but I felt guilty - I don't know why. I've always known of her sexual escapades etc but now it somehow didn't make sense to me. But that was to think about later on because as we were driving back with Kylie still sitting on my laps she started rubbing my semi erect member against her still wet pussy lips, it didn't take more than 30 seconds to come to attention and she slipped my cock into her warm wet inner depths. We just sat there - waiting for each other to make the first move. Kylie moved first, gently raising herself and then sliding down again. This was awesome but I wanted her differently, I quickly stopped the boat and cast off Anchor. We were not far from the house, I lay her on the floor and took her missionary - we didn't have sex there we made Love. It was a unique experience because before that I had never made love to another woman except my wife. I had fucked plenty, but never made love.

The rest of the weekend was excellent, a lot more went down. I will share it in due course.

Hope you enjoyed the read