Written by eastrandguy

18 Apr 2013

I have know Mark and Kylie for more than 10 years. Myself and Kevin are good friends and woman are even closer, they have been friends for the last 20 years.

Kylie is 6ft2, blond hair, blue eyes and the most sexy voice I've heard in my life (she sounds like Gywneth Paltrow from Iron Man) she has a nice pair of tits, full c-cup. She wasn't always like that but thanks to plastic surgery she was able to advance her cup size from b-sting size to a respectable handful.

Both my wife and kylie has our first born children at the same time. So we are close, non the less Kylie and I always flirt, dance and party together. More like a close friendship than anything else. One afternoon while she was sitting and chatting with my wife I realised that I had a rock hard cock trying to tear through the fabric of my jeans to get out. My wife noticed and winked at me, I sat there and pretended I didn't notice it.

Both girls sat there chatting tying up the plans for our family easter break to the vaal dam. Kylie look over to me but stared straight at the bulge in my pants, drew a deep breath and bit her lips.

Anyhow soon enough she had to leave so I stood up to give Kylie a hug to say bye and needless to say she pressed her body close into mine and made an effort to press her body hard into my throbbing cock. Smiling she left, she was barely out of the door when my wife grabbed my belt and went onto her knees undoing my belt and freeing my throbbing cock. She placed the took my balls in her mouth and I marvelled at the sight of my cock over her face. She slowly sucked on my balls and ran her tounge up and down the shaft of my cock making sure not to go near the head of my cock - she was teasing me, drawing it out and I couldn't wait for her to gobble my cock down.

My precum was now running down the base of my cock covering her forehead in precum. My cock was bobbing up and down dying for the attention it wanted.

"You want to fuck Kylie don't you?" Asked my wife.

"Clearly I do" I chuckled eyeing out my rock hard cock.

"Well I told her you want her and that I would make a plan for you two to be alone at the dam over easter" said my wife with a wicked grin. At that she grabbed my cock with her hand and took my cock into her warm wet mouth and proceeded to suck my cock and her life depended on it. I was close and when she grabbed my balls I felt them tighten and my cum start moving, she felt to as well and took my cock out of her mouth and positioned the head of my cock over her mouth. God I love giving this girl facials, she looks so hot with cum covering her face. At that I started spewing cum all over her face making a good mess of her make up and adding some hair cream to the equation.

Easter weekend arrived and I stood outside the house with Mark with a drink in hand around the braai. I asked him what he thought of swinging and his answer was surprising. I'd do it, but I would need to be comfortable with the guy who is going to fuck my wife. Well that's all I needed to start the foundation work. I knew that one day he would let me partake in fucking his wife while he was in the room and maybe my wife would partake in her first swing experience with Mark.

That night there was a fair amount of flirting all around and as the alcohol flowed things got a lot easier. It was at the point where we were in the jucuzzi and Kylie and my wife were topless and both myself and Mark were starkers. My wife had been playing with my cock so I was rock hard, she was wet as I was fingering her away as we chatted and I take it the same was on that side. My wife leaned over and whispered in my ear that she was not ready for full swing yet but that we should give them something to think about. At that she straddled me and guided my cock deep into her warm waiting pussy. I sat there with my eyes locked on Kylie while my wife rode my cock and rubbed her tits. The look from Mark was priceless, he realised what was going on and when he stood up with his hard cock my wife shook her head and motioned for him to give it to Kylie. She was just as shocked and sat there, took Marks cock in her hands and started giving him a blow Job. All the while she had he eyes locked on me while my wife rode my cock and she sucked mark off. It was almost simultaneous, both woman reached down and started rubbing their clits. My wife was close and soon she climaxed and I could feel her pussy muscles start to pulse with a pending orgasim. I was close and was trying to hold it off a little longer, Mark was huffing and puffing motioning to Kylie that he was close, soon Mark and my wife where cumming. Mark was cumming deep into Kylie's throat and my wife's pussy was in rapture around my cock. My eyes were fixed - on Kylie, she still hadn't climaxed and was now lying back with her legs spread under the water while she played with herself. I couldn't take it anymore and as she bit her own lips I started blasting my sperm deep into my wifes waiting pussy, at that I saw her eyes glaze over as her own climax took her over the edge.

Afterwards I got out to pour us all another drink and fix us some finger foods while busy in the kitchen Kylie came in and I didn't notice her, she gave me a hug from behind and reached around and took my cock in her hand and gently stroked it.

Kylie whispered in my ear in a lusty voice "I want that big boy in me, Sarah tells me your a bad boy and have a naughty mind. She said she would make a plan for you and I to be alone tomorrow for a few hours so please I don't want to have sex with you in front of Mark yet... She also said you can climax very quick if you want to?" At that she turned around and rested her chest flat against the kitchen counter spreading her legs.

Reaching underneath between her legs she spread her her wet pussy lips for me, "I want you to slide that cock of yours into my pussy, but you only have one minute to cum in me..."

With that I didn't need anymore encouragement and positioned the head of my swollen cock at the entrance of her pussy, got it felt like I was going to have an exploding cock and might loose the use of it for good. I slowly eased into her pussy going in as deep as I could, she arched her back and let out a sigh "god that feels good, go slow but cum quick" she said. I slowly pulled out of her till just the head of my cock was in and slowly pushed in all the way feeling her very tight pussy around my cock gripping it, milking it. I drew in and out of her slowly feeling my cum boiling, I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide allowing me a nice view of her pretty pink asshole.

"You like what you see? I went for bleaching for you, Sarah told me you like anal sex...." She reaches back and rubbed her tight pink rosebud while I slowly drew in and out of her and when she pushed her finger into her asshole I started cumming deep in her. I just held still as my cock twitched and filled her up. She was still and I slowly drew out of her with an audible slurp, she turned around and got onto her knees and slowly cleaned my cock with her mouth. Once cleaned she stood up, grabbed some papertowel wiped her mouth and took the drinks I had poured to the Jacuzzi without saying a word. I finished up and joined them in the Jacuzzi with the snacks - we joked and drank the rest of the night and then turned in at about midnight. Nothing further happened that night except that my wife asked me to re-enact our sexual encounter in the kitchen with her - which we duly did. Kylie didn't tell Mark or Sarah - nor did I.

Well ill add what went down on the rest of easter weekend later on another post.

Stay tuned