Written by orangeswing

15 Apr 2013

Easter weekend upon us, we were all set for an evening Jean's beach cottage. That didn't stop him from comming through Friday evening already and getting more than his share of wyfie. It didn't stop us from following through on the Saturday evening invite. Kids sorted with the sitter, we left for the cottage. Got there around 2pm and were warmly received by Jean and Karine, before making our way to the living room, where we found Eric and Celine. Surprisingly, we also found Stephane and Claudine! Wyfie for one was thrilled. She's been drawn to Stephane since our first time with them.  Claudine had given birth two months ago and since my last visit to her apartment over lunch, it now seemed that her pussy was 'back in service' and Stephane wanted to be sure he didn't miss out on the Easter weekend fuck.

Drinks flowed, laughter filled the air and music filled any period of silence if ever that was possible. Looking our at the sea, windy, white horses racing. The warm glow of the fire place ensured that everybody soon had the jackets and pullovers off and were dressed minimally.  Looking at the ladies, our eyes feasted on them, knowing they were going to get used and abused in the nicest of ways!Wyfie sat across me, kissing me and  leaning into me while we chatted to the others. Jean and Karine were opposite us and Eric, Celine and Stephane, Claudine were perched at the bar. Jean while chatting, slowly opened his zip, freeing his cock. At the same time, he ushered his wife's mouth south by applying pressure to her neck and Karine soon had a mouth full of cock mid-speech. 

Wyfie put down her glass and mine and we French kissed. Stephane and Claudine came over to us. Claudine got to her knee's and began to free my belt and unzip me. Stephane dropped his trouser and I watched as the mouth I'd just been French kissing, get pulled and slowly penetrated with cock. I watched her stick her tongue out and keep it outstretched while his cock made it's way down her throat. Her tongue licked the base of his dick, forcing a moan from Stephane. Around that point, my hands ran through Claudine's haire while she lavished my cock with mouth and tongue. I leaned in and devoured wyfie's breasts and neck while Stephane fucked her mouth. On the other side, Eric was kneeling and eating Karine's cunt, while his knelt before Jean and was sharing his cock with Karine, taking turns to suck and  swallow it. Eric's mouth and tongue made Karine moan and groan and gasp.

Stephane pulled his cock from wyfie's mouth and knelt down before her. He helped her remove her skirt and undies and soon had her legs over his shoulders while his mouth consumed her pussy, completely. I resumed kissing her freshly fucked mouth while Claudine worshipped my cock and balls. Stephane intensifed his oral assault and wyfie soon opened her mouth, bit her bottom lip and groaned her first orgasm.  She was barely done, when Stephane raised himself, while pulling her butt to the edge of the couch. Hold her legs back, he plunged his cock into her pussy and rammed it balls deep. She yelped and kept yelping while he rammed her repeatedly, soon her orgasm extended into another, the sound of Stephane's balls slamming her while his cock dug deep, was heard. Stephane had a concentrated expression on his face, as he held her legs rolled back and revolved his hips while he buried his cock into her, forcing her labia apart and then pulling her vaginal tract backwards as his cock went in and out. I enjoyed that sight while Claudine's mouth worked tirelessly.  Stephane moaned and sank it deep into wyfie's pussy, she winced as he locked up inside her cervix, then she hooked his hips while he pumped his cock cream up her tubes.

Always a nice feeling watching the insemination ritual!Eric now had one knee on the couch, one over Karine's thigh and his cock was raking her cunt inside out, his efforts  frocing her to reach down and rub her clit in anticipation of her own pending orgasm. When Karine eventually did cum, Eric fucked her pussy harder then pulled out and pressed it into her asshole. Then he pistoned her asshole, punished her and eventually shot his load up her shitter. He never pulled out. He just stayed in till he got solid and kept her ass fucked while she and Celine whorshipped Jean's cock. About then Jean pulled Celine up and turned her, then pulled her back. He pushed his cock to her pussy as she settled onto his hip. His hands on her hips, Celine rode his cock, revolving her butt and fucking him until he thrust upwards, held her and blasted his spunk inside her hot wet cunt. Watching this, I eashed Claudine off my cock and went over to Celine. I pulled Jean's cock from her pussy, pushed her back over him, stood inbetween and fucked her cum filled cunt until I emptied my seed into her.  Claudine was now licking Karine's clit while Eric finished K's ass. Then without much warning, he went behind Karine and plunged that cock into her pussy.

Eric's always been one to fuck them hard and strong and he had no issues giving Claudine a good hard fuck that made her gasp and grunt, but Karine had her hand on Claudine's head, keeping it trained on her clit. Claudine has missed the swinging and here, she was being put through her pace by one very rampant cock.Stephane now had wyfie on all four's and his position from behind told me she was getting her asshole reamed out. You can never fuck them hard enough or deep enough and there is nowhere they won't take a cock so you use that and you do it properly! Jean now had his cock up Celine's asshole and my rapidly stiffening cock (thanks to excellent work from Karine's mouth) now plunged it's way into Celine's hot slit.

We dp'd Eric's sexy slut while he sodomized Claudine's asshole. I orgasmed, inseminating Celine a second time.As the time wore on, we ended up a tangled mess, fucking, sucking, inseminating and sodomizing these woman. If a stranger walked in, he(or she) wouldn't have guessed these were our wives. They were being fucked like they were there for sport! That said,  if we were made to fuck them hard and frequently, it's because they were damn sexy, very horny and well, you don't refuse anything to them. At one point, I watched Stephane and Eric take wyfie. She looked helpless impaled by two cocks, yet this is how it is and she was enjoying it.

Claudine got her share. She ended up pulling a train with one guy fucking her pussy to completion before the next guy got inside her. I hope for her sake, hell for 'their' sakes the woman came protected. They took alot of semen that day. We love the risk, so do they. We eventually relaxed a bit, had drinks and a few nibbles. I sat with Celine over me. I had my fingers spreading her cunt open and probling her....Stephane had his cock in Karine......Jean had his dick in wyfie's pussy......Eric sat with Claudine straddling his cock......I eventually took Celine's asshole again...Soon it was 20H00.....time to leave......I enjoyed the drive home, wyfie's mouth keeping my dick warm.....she had to keep her undies stuffed with tissue...semen oozing out of her...