17 Apr 2017

It was Easter which got me to thinking , why does it have to be an Easter Egg, why not an easter dick ? Not being a great chocolate lover i decided my treat should be eaten untraditionally. My lover was already lying naked on the bed playing with his cell so i slipped into the kitchen , selected a slab of white chocolate and melted it quickly in the microwave . Coming back into the bedroom he asked what i had been doing. Nothing, i replied was just tidying up ( i had my bowl hidden behind my back) . Lie in the middle of the bed with ur legs open please, I requested. He shifted and put his cell down and closed his eyes.

I climbed on the bed between his legs, picked up his dick and gently licked it, then blew on it to dry it. I dipped my finger in the warm chocolate and started to coat the head of his dick, he gasped at its warmth, too much ? i asked. No, he replied, i just wasnt expecting it , what is it ? I replied, oh its my easter chocolate which will now become my easter dick. He laughed, enjoy yourself, he said. I repeatedly dipped my fingers in the chocolate till the head of his dick was thickly coated in chocolate, i smiled to myself, it somewhat resembled a soft serve, the coated as much of his dick as i could. the challange i had not thought about was that the chocolate wasnt going to harden to much as his dick was hard and excited. I took his head into my mouth and sucked hard. My mouth filled with the sweet chocolate and his swollen head, the feeling was incredible, i tried to suck more but the chocolate was to thick , i felt him pushing into my mouth , i swallowed hard. sucking to try and match his movement. the thickness of the chocolate was too much , i slipped him out my mouth and resorted to licking him slowly, up one side and then the next , licking around his head. The thinner the chocolate became the bigger he got, i drooled , saliva dripping out the sides of my mouth , i licked and sucked, i needed to feel him inside me, my pussy was throbbing so much. He slipped off the bed to rinse his dick in the bath room, i leant over the bed waiting for him to return.

In an instant he was behind me. his dick deep inside me as he pushed me onto the bed. He rubbed my butt and keep up a smooth steady motion, in and out. i could feel my juices running down my legs. He never stopped just keep fucking me, his pace picking up , faster, deeper , till i felt him tense and ejaculate a full load deep inside me . He shuddered a few times and slipped out. I turned and kissed him and thanked him for my first and best easter dick i have ever had !