Written by magicalhands007

15 Feb 2013

Two weeks ago I had an earlier meeting to attend outside the workplace. Leaving earlier to avoid traffic rush I had the urge to use a toilet and pitstop at an old friend residing on the route who I knew was at home. I knocked on the door and wow when she opened I notice that she just got out of the shower as her hair was still and she only had on a long flare top. Her nice round tits was noticable which made me realised that she had no undies on. My manhood immediately got more harden and not because I had piss.

She allowed me in to use the toilet and in passing I smelled the scent of the showerjell and commented that she smells fresh as a flower. She smiled and immediately there was a sort of energy flowing between us. Well to be quite honest few years back we had intimate encounters which was electrifying. Finishing my business in the toilet I had flashes pass my mind of those big tits and the clean femine smell. My mind was working overtime.

Nevertheless, I return to the lounge and she ask if I would like to have something drink. My replied was whatout thinking only if I have something with it. She smile and as brushes passed me we made eye contact and the coffee was something of the past. I put my arms around her pulled her closer for a kiss. Omg, our tongues became tangled in each others mouth. Hot flashes was the order of the moment as I started to fondle her tits and slowly allowed my my hands to explore the rest of her fresh body. I was right, no undies - no bra and panties only the long flare light top between me and her body. She was hungry as her husband is working long hours and had minimum time for sex. Her hand landed on my erected cock and she started to rub it. Long intensed kiss and then she whisper that we must move to the bedroom as the view through the lounge windows are very visible from the outside.

In the bedroom I immediate took off her top and she started to undress me as well. Those round big tits was all mine to suck on. And oh man I had my mouth working on them and my hands finding her clean shaved wet pussy. Next moment I had her lay on the bed naked and she start playing with her pussy and asking me to eat her wet pussy. I love the taste of the nectar coming from clean shaved pussy. Hands on her big tits my mouth finding the jewelery box. I start eating her pussy. My tongue deep in her she started to moaned as she became wetter and wetter and calling me a cunt eater. I got aroused by her noises and fiercely tongue fucking her with her legs lifted over my head, my face covering the whole pussy.

I had to be inside of her as my cock was aching as she was playing with it. Then she shout at me "fuck me fuck me I want yor cock iside of my pussy" and without hestation I slowly enter her now swollen and wet pussy with hard erected cock. I could feel the warm moist over my cock. We started to get a rythm going as my cock thrusted deep into her with my mouth sucking on her erected nipples. I can no longer hold back as she was making all type of noises and then there was a huge eruption as we both came. My semen mixing with her love juice. What good fucking marathon we had. We got our breath back as we lay next to each other smiling.

Damned I need to be at the meeting. I cleaned myself and to my advantage there was still time to get to the meeting.We aparted both satisfied and I knew that there will be a next time very soon as she mentioned that she did'nt taste my cock in her mouth. I can't wait to be schedule to attend a meeting in her area.