16 Sep 2016

Last Monday I finished my meeting early in Durban and decided to get some takeaway lunch, I thereafter drove to the beachfront . With the miserable weather the beach was quiet with few persons compared to normal good days, After lunch , I stepped out to have a smoke.Strolling by came a mature female well dressed for the weather , jacket and umbrella in hand, As she passed by , I smiled , remarked how terrible the weather is, She responded by saying that we need the rain and the weather shouldnt keep people indoors. I agreed , We made general conversation , she asking me about myself , if i am on my lunch break etc, I in reply asked he if was living nearby .As we spoke I told her that I was just killing time and had nothing to do for the rest of the day . Suddenly it started to drizzle lightly, I offered her to sit in my car which she accepted to avoid getting wet , We carried making idle talk. I then asked her about her status , if she is living with hubby / kids etc.

To my surprise , she informed me that she is divorced , living alone . After some time she asked if would like to join her for coffee, I accepted , She agreed to invite me over to her flat as it was close by.

Since she came on foot , I offered that we could go together, We then drove to her flat , went inside , sat in her lounge, She asked if coffee was ok or if I prefferred anything stronger, I accepted the coffee , We sat opposite each other , the topic was about the new South Africa , the current situation , She commented atleast now everyone is free and they can live, travel , work and meet who they want, I agreed with her, she bluntly highlighted that inter racial sex is legal . I was taken back but realized that this conversation can get erotic, She then asked boldly if I find her attractive , I replied that was extremely hot, she then came over next to me and held my hand and whispered if I wanted to have her without any reply I put my hand on her thigh and moved close to her pussy, she took my hand and out it inside in track pants, Wow , her pussy was soaking wet , I continued fingering her , she then unzipped my pants and pulled out my stiff cock, she stroked it calmly and then bent forward to suck on it, I was now in seventh heaven, I in turn asked her to move to 69 position so i can suck her pussy as well, we sucked each other for a short while , we then moved to her bedroom , got undressed , I was on my back lying down , she climbed on top of me and rode me , I then went on top of her, she moaned as i was thrusting deep into her pussy, she then asked me not to come inside her as she would like to swallow , as I was about to come , she grabbed my cock and started to BJ again , suddenly I told her its coming, she squeezed my cock for every last drip of cum. she then sucked my shaft and knob completely dry, I just lay back next to her side , couldnt belief what just happened, It was now around 4 pm and I decided that i should leave , we exchange cell numbers and agreed to call each other to have a planned fuck session, I then left happily . She did contact me and we have arranged to meet tomorrow evening