Written by langebaancpl

02 Dec 2012

Myself and my warmblooded wife were taking a drive on route the R27 between Langebaan and Melkbos strand to visit a game farm for a game drive.While driving we were chatting,smoking and listening to music and every time she were smoking (me having a huge smoking fetish)were checking her out and took a glance at her amazing breasts and blue eyes wich made me f,,,king horny .While she was driving and it being a very busy road on weekends,I loosened my seat belt button and zip and started stroking my hard cock while she drove smiling at me while I'm busy playing with my cock. So I got the idea of shoving my cock into her mouth without her having to move or lose concentration,I took off my under pants and denim,reclined the car seat,leaned back,lifted my back and bum up to the right height,leaned over to her while she was driving so that she can suck my cock. It worked like a dream!!!Every time a car passed us or came closer we stopped and waited and laughed until it became so amazingly exhillerating that when the next car came over rthe slight hill I just couldn't withdraw and she just kept eating my cock. I looked back at the car that just passed and saw two heads facing back at us with four big eyes watching in amazement. I looked to the front again,still feeling her warm mouth far over my shaft,and the cars just kept passing everyone getting a full on show of her giving me a wild blow job. Every car that passed either stepped on the brakes or waved a hand out of the window when passing. (The car we drove then is small and very low so they got a good proper view of everything)We still do it when driving around but with a different car its a lot higher and therefor others can't see much so from now on we will only be driving the smaller one as its just way more fun. This is a real story from our own experience,if any of you reading this had done something similar or have a few tips,please let us know and we will let you know how it went. Next thing we want to try when driving is with the big car to have sex in the passenger seat with me banging her from behind facing backwards while we have a third person driving the car......