Written by LoversCpt

11 Apr 2014

Yesterday I chatted to a few men for our possible mfm. I told you about it & that you can go read it.

This morning you drive through to me before work & ask me on phone of I've chatted to any more men. I tease & say yes, & they love my pussy pics. Your response shocks but turns me on "you slut...Im gona fuck you hard". I get wet sitting on couch & my hand had just gone to my pussy when you barge into the front door giving me a fright.

You come over & kiss me hard telling me Im a little slut...then leave me. I go to the bedroom, lift my top, not wearing anything underneath & show you my ass saying "maybe I should take some pics for them".

Suddenly you hit my ass with meaning...it actually hurts & I remind you not to leave marks on me & you shove me over & say you dont care & slap my ass again.

You get undressed & I want to get up but you tell me "No, stay like that, I didnt say you could move".

But you're clearly excited because your hard cock springs out when you drop your pants & you tell me "suck me...& like a good little girl I do as you say. You grab my hair & start fucking my mouth.

You reach over me as Im still on all 4's and your fingers reach for my soaking pussy and you rub my cum over my bum...and now Im getting nervous.

I try to say "you cant just fuck me in the ass like this" but you tell me to shut up & Im not to tell you what to do. You tell me to turn around...Im actually little scared now, but I also do as you say.

You start pressing your cock against my ass & I protest again saying "you cant just above it in, it doesnt work like that". & you ask me "do you want other cocks?" And this time I take care to say "NO"

And luckily you slip your cock into my pussy & start fucking me hard making me moan. You tell me to rub my clit.& I oblige, but then you pull out & I just hear "mmmmm". You walk to other side of me again & your cock is glistening with my cum & some thicker white cum & you tell me to suck my juices off you, which I do.

You stop me again & go lie on your back & tell me to sit over your face. Of course I wont protest & I get in position & start riding your tongue & chin & mouth, your tongue darting out over my clit & I start riding faster until I cum...but you grab my hips & keep me moving...I cum again but I can hear you trying to lick & maybe swallow or not swallow...Im not sure, so I get off. You tell me I didnt have to, you were coping just fine with my cum oozing down on you.

I am ready to fuck again so I move down & scoop your hard cock into my pussy & I sit up to plant it real deep inside me & I ride you hard. I love your facial expression when I ride you coz you have no control. You take hole of my thighs & meet my thrusts again & look down at my white pussy grinding down on your darker pelvis. Your eyebrows come together in a frown and your eyes close & your mouth opens so I know you're close. I keep fuck hard & know when you cum, you let out a moan and start quivering & I can feel my already wet pussy become even warmer as your cum shoots deep inside me.

We you are full of my cum on your chin, your leg, your chest, your cock mixed with some of your own cum

As usual we take a shower together & go on with our day.