Written by bornready4fun

11 Jan 2013

As you all know us by now, we are still tri - sexual, so still exploring new boundries and having loaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaads of amazing sex and sexy naughty kinky fun. It has always been a fantasy to do double penetation vaginally but up to now the right position simply eluded us with me being a bbw. Believe me we tried everything, so actually I have given up on the idea.

Early hours of the morning suddenly mr started tickling my thighs and middle........... knowing him the way I do: I just know its time and it never takes me long to get aroused. Suddenly he lies next to me head facing my feet so of course I also start stroking him, and with that beautiful cock rising to the occasion I start getting really horny and wet. mmm Sucking on his hard throbbing cock, feeling how he fills my mouth ............... ooooo fuck I love this and the taste of my man. Mr has the most beautiful sound when he enjoys what a woman is doing to him and that just drives me insane with lust. So of course I just keep on climaxing while my attention is on his cock. While lying like this he starts fingering me with two fingers very slowly ............ ooooo fuck this feels soooooooo good in............out.........around clit then in again, every time he's around my clit I gasp for air and masturbate his cock the same way. When he enters me im stroking at his tip, out then im pushing back on his cock and around the clit then I push hard on his cock foreskin drawn totally back. We started having a great rythm here and I can feel how horny we both were, the amazing sounds of two horny people moaning and groaning. My clitring makes it sooooo easy to orgasm so within minutes I reach my fist big orgasm.................... fuck im so horny and wet all the right slurping sounds are audible. Next thing he starts to eat my pussy out and this drives me totally insane cause this is my total turn on , driving me over the edge again and again, must have had about ten orgasms while we could both hear me getting wetter and wilder.

Suddenly I feel this cold hard thing entering me slowly and yes, it's one helluva dildo. Since we have never used my toys this was quite a surprise ...................... definately a pleasant one. He works me up into a frenzy and one thunder after the other broke through me. Slowly he enters a finger anally - he knows im not a big lover of anal sex but fuck at this moment I couldn't give a shit and start shaking while I spuirt non stop. In this terrible heat sweat and juices are running all over us but we're not ready to stop so we just go on and on, me cumming and squirting and him moaning and groaning.

I can't take it anymore I'm wild with passion and lust and beg him to fuck me. Instead of removing the dildo he positions himself in missionary and slowly enters me with dildo still inside. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my word the feeling is too amazing too describe, he's filling me up soooooooo completely it doesn't feel like there's even a millimeter space. After a while I can feel how my pussy is stretching completely and he starts thrusting hard into me. I scream oooo fuck me fuck me and start convulsing into more orgasms, one on top of the other.

Must be abut 30 minutes later that I can feel he is ready to explode. So lifting my bum totally off the bed he thrusts deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppp inside me making me squirt alllll over him.... O fuck the sound of that is soooooooooooooooo intense, him fucking my wet pussy hard and deep. With a final deep thrust he explode inside me and I grind his cock hard............. OOOOOOO fuck he loves that and screams out with pure animal passion which of course makes me cummm allll around his glorious cock.

We fall next to one another totally breathless and his legs keeps on shaking for a few minutes. After a while I catch my breath but can't stand on my legs soooooooooooooo shaky

We both fell into a deep sleep for two hours and when I get up to go to work I can feel my pussy has been properly fucked. That sore numb feeling is so amazing and the whole day when I move it reminds me of our fuckalisious session

Can you now understand why I say this is an amazing Friday for me?

Can't wait to do that again mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm