23 Mar 2016

I've watched this young woman for a while now...really good body and always meeting up with some guy.They chat and she obviously has them eating out of her hand. She's clearly a bitch...plays them, and she's without doubt using these idiots to get what she wants...good wine, fancy clothes, perhaps a shot of coke (and I don't mean the soft drink).

I've shown her more than just a bit of disdain...not given her the time of day...don't know why because she's not been anything but friendly with me.

Three weeks ago, I see her drive off with a guy...laughing, hanging all over him...what a little cocktease, I think...

Later that evening, pop down to the store and on my way back home, I recognise her walking down the road appearing to head back home...but something's wrong. I stop and call her over.

She's had some trouble, that is clear...mascara running and her hair ruffled and a button torn off on her blouse that is also torn a bit.

I ask is she's heading home and if she's ok.

She's not she says...but please not to tell her Mom...she had some trouble with a guy who wanted her to do things that she did not want to do.

I say nothing because I know or suspect what she's been doing to guys all along..."You don't like me, I know" she says...I don't answer...

I switch off the truck...not saying anything...not switching on a cab light or anything as I hand her my handkerchief...she wipes her tears but her face is a mess, so I use the hanky to clean up the mascara a bit. "Thanks' she whispers..."You really didn't need to do this"

Then I notice her through the opening of her torn blouse that her bra was slightly torn as well...she notices and says that she will have to hide this from her Mom.

I handed her a track suit top that I had in the truck, started the truck and dropped her off just before her home...

She'll drop off the top as soon as she could she said and true to her word, she did the next day...I still don't speak to her much but she comes around a few times and I'm worried because although I still don't like her one bit...I don't know why I wanna fuck her so bad...