16 Feb 2017

This incredible event happened to me quite a few years ago before I even met my wife and was still prowling the bars and clubs as a single guy, so some of the more detailed details I might have forgotten since, but not the essence of this whole encounter.

I live in a small town with no real prospects for any sexual encounters, let alone any one night stands or just plain fucking amongst friends, as everybody is well known to each other, so this always prompted me to expand my hunting grounds to other outlying towns where nobody knew me and where the chances are way better of picking up some action. Now it was at this point in my life that I returned from the UK where I worked for close to two years, and most of my friends were still overseas or just not available most of the time, so I almost all the time went out on my own and most of the time I just got shitfaced without any hardcore action except sometimes a little snogging here and there.

Anyway, so I was at my second pub for the Saturday night which was a sportsbar, sitting at the bar counter enjoying my J&B and basically just being chilled while waiting my turn for a game of pool. As there wasn't many patrons that night for some reason, I immediately noticed two women who entered the pub and were standing a few feet away from me at the bar counter, waiting to catch the bar lady's attention. Both had long dark dark hair, fair skin and very sexy, body hugging clothes, one had a pair of jeans that really hugged her tight ass, showing just a hint of a black g-string peeking out. The other had a long pink skirt, can’t remember the rest. Since I was already filled to the brim with liquid courage, I walked over and introduced myself and asked for a light.Unfortunately none one of them smoked, but I didn’t let that slow me down. We started chatting and I bought them both a drink. Through the conversation it emerged that they were sisters who were from Cape Town and they were camping for the weekend with their boyfriends who decided to stay at the campsite as the girls went out for a few drinks. The one with the tight jeans asked me if I wanted to play a game of pool, “sure”, I said. I caught an awesome view of the tightest ass, bent over the pool table and thought to myself that it’s now or never. I walked up to her and plainly, without hesitation, asked: “are we gonna fuck, or am I wasting my time?” Up until now I never thought that cheesy sleazy pickup line would work. She looked me in the eyes and said:”if you win this game, fuck yeah!”

I couldn’t believe it! I tried my best to win a game that was supposed to be an easy win, but the sheer excitement made me lose concentration. After I lost I walked up the her “I guess the deal is off now, right?” She took my hand, signalled her sister, “come with us,” she said. “we’re leaving now.” I followed them outside, I got in my car, and they in theirs as they had to go back to the campsite to fetch something, apparently. We agreed to meet in front of the convenience store in 20 minutes. I sat there, waiting, all kinds of scenario’s were playing out in my head. After what seemed like a lifetime, they pulled alongside me in their Citi Golf and told me to follow them as they lead me into the quiet neighbourhoods and parked in a kind of field. I got out and joined them in their car, getting in the backseat. At first we chatted a bit, but seeing as I had to make a move, I took the one with the jeans hand and ever so gently laid a kiss upon it. This was all that was needed as she pulled me in closer to her, kissing me lustfully, tongue swirling, flicking, tasting. She gave no resistance as I squeezed her perfect tits, her nipples already hard to the touch. I moved hy hands underneath her top, and with masterful skill undid her bra with a one-handed flick. By this time her sister was starting to feel a bit left out, and she stopped kissing me and told her sister to kiss me. She didn’t waste any time and our mouths locked in passion/lust. As the sister and I kissed and groped each other, tight jeans sister moved into the backseat with me, already naked except for the black g-string. She started undressing me, licking my nipples, shoving her hand down my pants to my already bursting at the seams swollen cock. I lifted myself up, she quickly took my pants off. “Oh my! That cock looks delicious! I want to taste that sooo bad! Do you want to take turns?” she asked her sister, who in turn said no, she can have my cock all to herself. I wasn’t one to complain though, as tight jeans swallowed my entire cock down her throat, her sister also came to the backseat and sat next to me, legs wide open and her pink skirt hiked up all the way. Right now I was seated in the middle of two gorgeous ladies and one was giving an expert blowjob, maybe one of the best ones of my life, and the other was inviting me to slide her soaking panties to the side to reveal a neatly trimmed pubic area, clean and so tasty looking. Right there and then I slid a finger slowly into both sisters’ wet pussies, easily gliding inside their wetness. The one sucking my cock stopped and looked at her sister squirming with pleasure as I was now fingerfucking her with two fingers. She quickly straddled me, her back towards me, slowly sliding her already dripping wet pussy down onto my eager cock, slowly starting to fuck me, her sister pulling my fingers out of her pussy, grabbing my face and burying it in her wet cunt, with my tongue licking her clit, sucking it, loving every taste of her. It wasn’t long before I could feel I was about to shoot a big load, all these sensations, the erotic and sexual and the fantasy, all in one. For a moment I took my face away from the delicious pussy and let out a loud moan as I shot my hot cum deep up her pussy. When we all recovered from the whole scene, I gave them both a kiss, the one with the tight jeans rubbed my spent cock through the front of my pants and said goodbye and then they left.

That was my first ever threesome, and it was one I will never forget .