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15 Feb 2019

Double Fuck

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In the early years of our marriage we mostly lived in the country, working on farms and sometimes very far from the nearest town. My husband, Grant, was a Hydro Technician, studying towards BSc Geology, which means that he would be away for two or three days every now and then. Whenever possible, I would go with him and visit some relatives, but it happened more often that I would stay in the camp. It was always safe enough, long before crime became an issue.

From an early age, I was exposed to black cock and developed an affection for sex with black men. I grew up with them on the farm, learned to speak their language, learned their ways, likes and dislikes and their mind-sets towards sex. I had sex with a black man within the first year of being married, and it continued for most of my life thereafter. My husband understands my infatuation with black cock. Let’s just say it doesn’t affect our marriage at all and it also doesn’t affect our relationship, nor does it affect or jeopardize his work. He teased me often when he noticed one or other worker staring at me, also to what length they will go just to be able to see more or perhaps touch me. A few times in the past he suggested that I change position or expose a little more because one or other was staring at me and he wanted to see how it affected that person. That night in bed, the incident will be discussed and fantasied about, resulting in a hot fuck.

During his second year, in the third semester, he had to join a study group once a week for 8 weeks, driving to town late afternoon, sleep over, attend class the next day and drive back the following day, leaving me alone in the camp for the two nights.

I built a relationship with the local women, helping them with many small projects, and sometimes we just sit and chat. I will drive to their houses during the morning and be back just after midday. This specific morning, I drove to a young woman’s house that lived a little away from the others. When I arrived there, I found her husband only; she went to the local shop with some of the other women and wouldn’t be back until late in the afternoon.

Her husband, Raki, worked on the farm where we were stationed and sometimes assisted with setting up of the drilling equipment, bringing water for the drilling and for the camp. We got along very well, so well that he once tried to peep through my bedroom window when I got dressed. He brought water for the camp one morning early. I was still in my nightshirt which he obviously liked, and took his chance to stare at my legs and whatever he could see through my very transparent nightdress (I wasn’t wearing panties at the time). I stepped outside for a moment so that the sun was behind me, allowing him to see everything. He stared without saying anything; the lust in his eyes said everything. That’s when I told him that I will get dressed and then come out to assist. As I entered my bedroom I went to pull the curtains, then saw him staring at me. I drew the curtains only halfway, leaving a gap for him to look through, then took off my nightshirt, leaving me naked. I took time finding a suitable dress which I put on without bra or panties. When I looked outside, he was rubbing his crotch and I knew he had an erection.

While pumping the water into the household reservoir, he attempted a few times to touch me without being too forward. I gave him only one opportunity to rub his erection against my ass when I bent in front of him to close the valve. Nothing more happened, although I was quite horny by then. A few times after this, I caught him staring at me and whenever it was safe, I gave him something to look at, keeping him interested. Even Grant noticed his interest on two occasions and teased me about it. Thinking back now I realise Raki must have been quite frustrated.

So, when I found him alone at his house and his wife not due back for a few hours, he invited me to sit and I accepted. We sat outside on old dilapidated chairs across each other. He was busy washing himself when I got there, so he excused himself to finish. He was without a shirt and his pants were loose, he held it up with his one hand. When he went inside to wash, he dropped his pants and stood washing himself in a zinc bath. When he finished, he came to the door while still drying himself, asking me if I will wait until his wife came back. When I saw him naked my immediate response was to get up and go, but then I saw his cock, semi erect and already bigger than average, still wet, and dangling like a huge black lolly. I decided to wait a while to see if his wife comes back, but I was more interested to see his cock fully erect.

He noticed my interest and took time to dry himself, every now and then fondling his cock, until he had a massive erection. I didn’t stare at it, but made sure to keep it in my vision while talking to him. I hesitated to take the lead, so I waited for his next move which came sooner than expected.

“Come sit inside” he said, “so that I can make you some tea”

“Is it a man’s job to make tea?” I teased him as I got up.

“Sometimes the man has to do something he doesn’t normally do, but maybe you can make the tea once you are inside” he said, laughing.

“I’m a visitor, I can’t spoil another woman’s husband” I said.

“All right, come in then so that I can spoil you” He laughed again and I knew what was on his mind.

“What will your wife say when she comes back and find me inside with you naked?” I asked.

“I will be dressed by the time she gets back” he offered with a smile, insinuating that he may not be dressed for a while.

I got up and walked towards the door. “There is not enough space for that big thing. You will have to hide it” I smiled at him. Without even the slightest protest in my mind, I was willing to enter a room with a naked man. He was obviously very horny, judging by his enormous erection. I was already past any reason, just thinking of that cock inside my pussy.

“I have a good place to hide it” his suggestion was not missed.

I squeezed past him, my arm lingering against his erection. He took my hand and held it against his cock, forcing me to touch it. I wrapped my hand around it and stroked it a few times. He rubbed my pussy through my dress. I was on fire, pushing against his hand, almost humping him. I couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled him by his cock to the bed, pulled my panties down, lifted my dress and lied back.

Within a few seconds Raki was pushing the head of his cock against my wet pussy. It slipped in and I screamed, more from shock than pain. He pulled back and took his cock in his hand and started rubbing it against my pussy lips, lubricating the entrance. I was so wet that it only took two or three rubs to coat the whole area and made it slippery all around. He slowly pushed down, inching his cock in, pulling out an inch, pushing in two inches, continuing until he was in all the way. I whimpered and gasped until his whole cock and my pussy was well lubricated and he could easily slide in and out. The pleasure was overwhelming. I clung to him like a scared child, moaning, trembling, and building towards a massive climax. The first orgasm rushed over me like a flood and with flailing arms and legs, lifting my pussy towards this source of joy, I screamed out loud. He slowed down a little, pushing in as deep as he can every time, enhancing the pleasure of the orgasm until it subsided. When I calmed down sufficiently, he picked up the speed again.

I felt him stiffen for a moment, his cock swelling inside me, pushing deeper with full length strokes, then suddenly increasing speed, groaning softly, then harder, slammed his cock balls deep into me and started erupting, He came like a sprinkler, short staccato spurts, forcefully, grunting with each spurt, until it ran down my crack.

He stayed inside, probably not wanting the joy to end. His cock never went soft. He kept up the motion, slow and shallow. I let my arms fall back, spread out as if we’re done, but Raki didn’t seem to want to stop now. He wasn’t back to full erection yet, but I wasn’t going to wait until he does, so I made a move to get up.

“Au, I’m not finished” he moaned.

“What’s this running out of me? Is it yours or does it belong to the Tokoloshe?” I asked sarcastically.

“I want to come again” he said and sounded quite desperate.

“Don’t use it all now. Tomorrow you will want more then there will be nothing left. Besides, your wife may be home soon” I teased him.

Very reluctantly he got off and I got up, using his washcloth to clean as well as possible. He wanted me to promise him another fuck, but I had to explain that he has no claim on me just because I allowed him to fuck me. When the opportunity arise, and I’m in the mood and horny, I will definitely fuck him again. I praised his skills and his cock, which soothed him a little.

When I got home I washed and put on a light dress without underwear. My aim was to keep myself busy inside the camp, which I did until just before sunset. My mind kept returning to Raki and his naked body. The vision of his huge cock, fully erect, didn’t want to leave my mind. I kept thinking of various ways to create another opportunity to fuck him. Thinking about it was not without effect and before long I was horny as hell again. Our crew was done for the day and left, so nobody was around the camp. I couldn’t go to his house again because his wife will be home, and I don’t make a habit of going after a man.

It was just after sunset when I heard someone calling: “Ko-ko”, the call to simulate knocking when there was nowhere to knock. I was in the kitchen preparing something to eat. I called for the person to enter, which we normally do. When I turned around, Raki was standing just outside the kitchen door. He looked flustered. My first thought was that something was wrong at home and he needed assistance.

“What is the problem Raki?” I asked, concerned.

“There is no problem Mies” he answered, but still seemed ill at ease.

“So, what are you doing here if nothing is wrong?” I asked, not thinking for one moment that he may have ulterior motives.

“I am worried about you” was his answer.

“Why do you worry about me?” I asked, surprised.

“I know you are alone and there may be something you need. Now I am here to see if you need anything” was his honest answer, or so it seemed.

“Thank you Raki. It is good that you worry about me, but there is nothing that I need now” I assured him. “Is your wife at home?” I started to get the feeling that there’s more to this than meets the eye.

“Yes, she is at home. I told her that I’m going to see if everything is all right with you”

“Did you also tell her that I was there this morning?” I suspected that he didn’t. To my surprise he said that he did.

“Did you also tell her what happened?” I had to ask.

He turned away before he answered: “No, she does not have to know that”

“I don’t think you are here because you are worried about me. I think you want something.”

He laughed a little, nervously, looking down to the floor. “I don’t want to bother you and I don’t want you to become upset with me, but I could not forget you, and now I find it difficult to think about anything else” he said, fumbling nervously with his hat in his hands.

“You will have to control yourself or else we will both be in serious trouble. I know it is nice to be together sometimes and we can enjoy each other when we get the opportunity, but we can’t be together all the time” I just had to give it to him straight.

“If I know for sure that I will get another chance, I will be very happy” he tried his luck.

“I can’t guarantee that. If the opportunity arises and everything is right, yes, then we will do it again. But you must promise to control yourself” I walked towards the door where he was still standing, meaning to indicate that the conversation is over and that he has to go, but he mistook it for a desire to be close to him. He took two steps towards me and took me by the shoulders then put his arms around me to hold me. I hugged him, smelling the smoke of his cooking fire, looking up to him.

“You are alone now” was all he said, as if it should explain everything. I moved away from the door, afraid that someone may just decide to walk around and see us standing in the doorway. Raki noticed my concern, dropped his arms and stepped outside, telling me that he will be back in a few minutes, he wanted to make sure that no one was around.

Knowing that Raki will try his best to get another fuck and the fact that he came to the camp to get it, scared me a little, but the excitement of the daring nature of the situation left me trembling slightly. I moved towards the bed in the spare tent where I sat down in the fading light, waiting for him.

My mind drifted back to our encounter earlier. Raki wanted to continue but I stopped him because I was afraid that we may be caught. The second round would have taken a while longer than the first round and we may have been too overcome with lust to take notice of our environment. The break left us both unsatisfied. I was still horny when I got back and when I saw him standing in the door, I could feel the excitement in spite of our improper behaviour. The wetness was not leaking yet, but I know it will only need a slight touch or a rub with either a finger or a stiff cock to let it run freely.

I saw Raki’s silhouette through the canvas before he entered. He came in and sat next to me on the bed. He sat still for a minute or two, not looking at me. I touched his arm before he moved, pushing me back onto the pillow. He lifted my dress and stared at my pussy for about thirty seconds before he touched it, first with his palm, then tracing his finger down my slit. He didn’t speak at first, just touching, focussing on that one spot only. I jerked every time he touched my clitoris. My pussy must be glistening with juice by now because his finger slips effortlessly up and down my slit.

“I want to take my time.” he said, “There’s no one around now. We have enough time”

He took off his shirt, and then stood up to remove his trousers. I took the opportunity to undress as well. Raki stood there naked, with his cock pointing straight ahead. He lifted my legs onto the bed and spread them, then, kneeling between my legs, took his cock in his hand and started to rub it around the outer area, pushing it down between my legs into my ass crack, then sat back and flexed his cock to the top, repeating the process of pushing it down and flexing it up until I couldn’t take it any longer.

“Put it in” I said. He smiled, knowing that he has me just where he wanted me. He lowered himself with his arms on both sides of me, trying to enter me without guiding it. I lost my patience, took hold of his cock and guiding it to my pussy, pulling on it to force him to enter. He slowly arched his back, pushing down and forward with his hips, inching his super stiff cock into my wet pussy. I grabbed his ass and pulled him down, lifting my ass to receive him and started humping vigorously.

“Are you falling asleep?” I asked.

“No, I will never fall asleep here” he said.

“Why are you so slow then? I thought you fell asleep. You said you wanted another chance, now you want to play” I urged him on.

“Hau, you must enjoy it. I don’t want it to finish too soon” was his excuse.

“Then you have to turn around and let me do the job. I will show you how to do it.” I wanted to be fucked and fucked good. This is not the time to play. I’m worked up and I need a release. To my utter joy he picked up speed, thrusting full strokes.

He must have been just as much worked up because he could not keep up with the long strokes. Very soon he shortened his strokes, increasing the speed, groaning with each thrust until his final thrust to the hilt, frozen for a moment, resulted in spurt after forceful spurt, setting off my own orgasm. I locked my legs around him pulling him in while simultaneously lifting my hips to ensure maximum penetration and let the pleasure of an intense orgasm take over, causing moaning, crying, writhing, flailing of arms and whatever goes with such an intense orgasm.

When Raki finally withdrew a stream of cum followed. I can’t remember when last I was filled up so much. It was as if Raki saved up for months. I couldn’t believe that any man could cum this much after being emptied not so long ago.

Raki left shortly afterwards, leaving me with one of my biggest dilemmas to date. This was certainly one of the best fucks I had, and, although very satisfied, already hoping for a repeat. I will have to get Raki out of my mind for a while, however difficult it may be, until I have sufficient control over my lust to face him again. With Grant returning the next day I took a long hot bath, went to bed early for a good rest. It was still dark when I woke up and started to clean the camp. Next time when Raki brings water for the camp, it will start all over again. I expect him to do another house call when Grant goes for his next class.

Mrs. Lomos

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