Written by Maliq_Black

29 Apr 2013

This happened last Thursday.

My GF and I enjoy having sex a lot and we often fantasize about being watched. She particularly like having men see her pussy being drilled. We've often done it on a kitchen table with the lights on. (A bit about our kitchen: it's a small open plan type of setting the window is facing the busy corridor. It's got a lace curtain on and at night with the lights on you can see clearly inside).

Back to Thursday, after a night out I came home and was horny as hell. I got in bed to find my GF naked from the bottom down, my lucky day i thought. I needed no second invitation as went straight for her clean shaven pussy it was already leaking her love juices. God she tasted good. We then got into the 69 her on top (I always find it more comfortable). After what seemed like eternity she announced she was cumming and started to shudder and tremble uncontrollably. After her orgasm subsided we went to our favourate place in the house 'the kitchen table'. she first lay on her back and i started pounding her then turning her around to do her doggy.

It was like we've never done it before it was so nice.

Then in the haze and the splashing sounds of sex we saw a shadow in the window but could not make it out as it is difficult to see outside with the lights on inside. She said 'we have an audience let's give him a good show' we both hoped it was a he. This sent us both to heaven, she became like a wild animal. Made me stand up on the counter and she squattered infront of me taking my cock deep in her mouth. After a while she laid back legs towards the window and commanded me to fuck her silly which i did and came in no time at all. She sat up and scooped my cum from her pussy and put it in her mouth then forced to kiss her exchanging my cum with her.

Sadly though when we looked in the window our audience was gone. But we decided to take the show to the car hoping for an even bigger audience but we never got it.

It was so great I cant wait to do it again.