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1 Apr 2016

Dogging BJ


2 minute read

True story and happened just 2 days ago on 29.03.2016 This started on a social network chat site and I started chatting to this gay guy (white). Anyways me being Indian and married and nawty playing alone on this site discreetly of course. I am straight and bi curious meaning that I open to guys that want to suck my cock and perhaps want to fuck my tight brown ass and me fuck them but I do not suck cock. Anyways back to the story. So we chatted and on Tuesday the 29.03.2016 this guy decides to come meet me in the parking lot at my work premises, I agree. So in my lunch time i meet him in the under cover parking and get in his car and he drives to find a quiet spot. Being a mall, quiet spots are hard to find but the excitement of getting caught was awesome. We park and he starts to rub my cock through my pants and licks his lips. So i open my pants and whip it out and he ducks his head into my lap and starts sucking. about 2 minutes into sucking we had to stop as someone was outside near his car. We then moved his car to the next level parking and found a more secluded spot. He ducked his head down in my lap and continued raping my hard cock with is mouth. 20 minutes into sucking me, I could not hold back any longer and lifted my groin into his mouth and felt the vibration as he moaned and swallowed all my cum. He sucked me clean, bid me farewell and said he wants to do it again some time. We both went our separate ways after that. Comments welcome and if you like what you see on my profile. feel free to message me. Thank you for reading

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