Written by redbruce

11 Apr 2014

The Whatsapp message from the couple came through in the morning – “Can we ask a favour?”. I replied – “Ask”. It transpired that the couple had a fantasy that they wanted to have fulfilled. She wanted to be blindfolded, and banged by a couple of guys who she has never met, in an outdoor dogging context, and leave not knowing who they were. Would I be able to help organise the guys? They must be decent, trustworthy guys, and under 40 years of age. I asked when they would like this to happen, and they wanted to do it that same evening. I said I would see what I could organise, and would get back to them.

During the course of our discussions through the day, I of course asked whether I could be allowed to watch if this whole thing came together. He checked with her, and she replied that, if I organised the two guys for them, I could watch. Game on!

I looked through my list of contacts. Only one was under 40, two others just over 40. I checked with the couple if “just over 40” would still be okay, and after some discussion they agreed, and I phoned the guys to check who could make it. One was busy with a client and not taking calls. Another was packing that evening to go away the following day, and was unfortunately not available. But one said “I’ll be there!” So I had one positive response. The guy who was busy did phone back later, but it turned out that he had a meeting that evening that he could not get out of, and also would not be able to make it. So I could only “contribute” one gentleman for the event, the rest of my connections all (like me!) being “too old” to qualify….

Fortunately the couple were able to find another gent from their own list of contacts, so between us they had the two participants they desired. We arranged the time and place for the meeting. Before I could ask – “am I still welcome to come and watch?” (seeing as I had not been able to contribute both participants as required), the hubby asked me “Are you still coming to watch?” Great was my relief!!

I arranged with my friend to meet him out at the site a bit before the scheduled time. I got there early, passed him parked near the entrance, and drove through to the meeting spot. Shortly after that, the couple arrived in their vehicle (also a bit early), and they and my friend drove up together to where I was parked. Now we were just waiting for their friend to arrive.

Hubby came over to chat to us, and was introduced to my friend. The wife was waiting in the vehicle, and would only be led out blindfolded once everything was set in place. Once their friend had arrived, hubby talked through the “rules of engagement” with us. Obviously penetrative sex was allowed and expected, but only with the use of condoms. No anal. We were free to touch and fondle her, but were to stop immediately if she was uncomfortable with anything and told us to stop. No names to be used, so that she could not identify participants. (She obviously knew that I was there, with us having met and spoken previously). All agreed to the rules.

It was quite dark in the park, but fortunately there was half a moon shining high overhead, and some distant lights illuminating the area, so there was some light for us to see by. We moved our vehicles into position to shield the back of his vehicle from any possible prying eyes if anyone should come driving past. My role, apart from being welcome to watch proceedings, was also to serve as lookout and warn them if anyone entered the area.

Hubby opened the back of his bakkie, and pulled out a blanket and spread it over the tailgate. He went around to the cab, and helped her out, and led her blindfolded around to the back, and we all greeted her. Hubby suggested that she kneel on the grass facing away from the vehicle, unzipped his board-shorts and stood right next to her and guided her head towards his flaccid dick. She took him in her mouth and started to change his state. He motioned to the other two to get their dicks out and move closer, and then helped her to locate the two other dicks with her hands. Then, keeping her mouth and both hands all fully occupied, she rotated between the three dicks, sucking and wanking. Hubby started to finger-fuck her from behind at some stage, which also got her juices going. After a while he checked with her that she was ready to progress, and she said yes. He found their bottle of baby oil, and applied a liberal dose to her shaven pussy. He sat back on the tailgate, and turned her around and she stood bent over to take his dick in her mouth. Hubby pulled her short skirt up onto her back to reveal that she was not wearing any panties, and her tight little butt was exposed to us and the moonlight.

After a brief discussion, my friend (#1) said he would go first, and put on his condom. He took some time getting lined up, and applied some more baby oil to his condom-covered dick and her pussy, because she was so tight. He took her from behind, while she continued to BJ hubby, and soon she was moaning softly and banging back against #1’s thrusting. Meanwhile, their friend (#2) was wanking, and he and hubby were fondling her free-swinging tits (she wore a light knitted top against the cold of the evening, but no bra). I was torn between my “duty” of playing lookout, and watching all this action, while also wanking myself.

After a while, #1 pulled out to have a break, for #2 to take over. #2 wasn’t hard enough to get it going, and wasn’t able to participate much, so hubby took over instead. I moved in closer and was also able to fondle those beautiful pert boobs with their erect nipples, and also got to play with her well-lubed clit while hubby was banging her hard from behind. #1 took over again and continued (he had great stamina), and had her moaning with pleasure. After he had come, hubby took over again, until he also came. And she just kept right on enjoying all the attention, softly moaning with each thrust. After hubby finished, #1 went back at it for round number two!

After #1 climaxed for the second time, she said she had had enough (she had also climaxed twice through the course of the evening), and turned around and sat on the tailgate, and asked hubby to light and give her a ciggy. We sat and chatted for a bit, she still blindfolded, until she asked for her jacket as she was getting cold (after all, all she had on was the very short skirt and the light top, her bare legs fully exposed to the cool evening air), and with that we agreed that the evening had regrettably come to an end.

They said their goodbyes, which included hugs for her from each of the guys, and then hubby led her back to the passenger side door. She realised then that she hadn’t hugged Redbruce, and called me over. I got a special hug and cheek kiss, and felt those firm breasts pressed against my chest as we said goodbye. Cheers ‘til next time! We guys then shook hands all round, hubby got in, and off they drove.

What a super dogging evening at the dam with a very special couple!! Can’t wait for next time…