Written by redbruce

27 Sep 2013

I have had a number of requests to describe a recent Brakpan dogging event. I said I would not do so if it compromised the identity of the participating couple, but that I would check with them, and if they were happy with the idea, I would write. The couple is bks_kinkycpl, and they have said they are happy for me to tell this story, in the hope that this might grow their audience for future events. They are KEEN to be watched, they WANT to be watched, that is why they are going dogging! So the least we can do is support them whenever they offer to give us a show!!...

For this particular event, they initially advertised on the Forum’s Dogging page that they would be at Brakpan Dam on a particular evening at a particular time. I went through that evening, as did another keen dogging couple, but unfortunately a serious family problem arose and bks_kinkycpl was not able to make it that night. They explained on forum that there had been a problem, it was not their intention to be “no-shows”, and, to demonstrate their commitment, they made an arrangement to do it a weekend later. THIS time, they did pitch on time and waited and waited, and no audience showed up (I was most unfortunately unable to make it that night)!!! Despite this set-back, they still offered to do it again a couple of days later. (I mention all this background to show that they are seriously committed doggers!)

So they posted on the Forum page the date and time they would be there again. A few of us responded on the Forum page indicating that we were keen to participate. In addition, I again sent them a private message confirming that I would be present. They knew my vehicle type, and I knew theirs, from previous message exchanges, so that we would be able to identify each other in the dark.

I went out to the location a bit early and parked up in the area where we had arranged to meet, to make sure that I did not miss out on any of the action. One of the other site members, who I had not previously met, but with whom I had corresponded, arrived and we stood chatting in anticipation. Soon after the arranged time, the couple arrived, and parked in a shadowed area beneath some trees about 20 metres away from us. The arrangement on a previous occasion when I had met up with them was “don’t approach us until the interior light goes on”. They sat in darkness smoking and occasionally chatting, no light went on, and we waited at a respectful distance. From time to time they seemed to receive or send messages from their phone, but there was no indication of any activity. So we waited…

Then a third car appeared, and drove straight up and parked close to theirs. Within a minute or so their interior light was switched on – it was obvious that they had been waiting for the latest arrival, who it turns out was a guy from out-of-town, was not familiar with the site, and had been asking for directions and for them to please wait for him.

As soon as the light came on, my new friend and I walked over to their car. They were in the back seat, and she had just started giving him a blow job. My new friend went and stood on the guy’s side, the latest arrival and I stood on her side of the car. They must have been preparing in the darkness while waiting, as his pants were down, and she was already pantyless. She was wearing a short skirt which was up around her waist, and a red spaghetti-strap top, and was kneeling on the back seat, working away at his dick. When she was aware that we were watching on her side, she lifted her cute little butt so that we had a better view, and he reached his left hand around and started to play with her shaven pussy-lips, and then to finger-fuck her.

After a while she decided to take off her bra, and while still working his dick with her mouth, she undid the clasp and then shrugged out of the shoulder straps, removed the bra, and pulled her red top up so that it was more of a scarf around her shoulders than a top, leaving her petite boobs exposed and swinging free. He cupped her left boob, and played with her pointy nipple while she continued the blow job.

Then they changed positions, and she lay back on the seat, with her head up against the door so close to where I was standing, her legs spread and her feet up near the car’s ceiling. He positioned himself between her legs, kneeling on the seat, and slowly entered her pussy, clearly visible to the two of us standing on her side of the car. As he leant forward and moved into position above her, he blocked out some of the light from the overhead light, but there was still (just!) enough for us to see by! They fucked in missionary position for a while, she playing with her boobs, just inches away from where we stood watching.

They had closed the car windows before they started, we could hear them talking to each other and her occasional giggles, but not hear any detail of what they were saying. But it seemed to be a very cheerful conversation!

Then they changed over to doggy position – he pulled out and she rolled over and knelt in front of him, lifted her butt so that he could again sink his dick in her pussy, put her head down on the seat, and the action continued.

I think it was at this point that another car drove up. The car lights lit up the scene as the car approached and slowly drove past, and the couple crouched down to be out of view, just in case it was any “undesirables” making an entrance. I recognised the vehicle as belonging to another of my friends who had said he was also coming to watch, and signalled with a thumbs-up to the couple, and they resumed position and got on with it again. Meanwhile my friend parked next to our cars, walked over to us, and unfortunately got to see only the last few seconds of the action.

After he came inside her, the guy reached for a handy cloth they had ready in preparation, and gave it to her. As they separated, she held the cloth to her pussy to prevent the car seats from getting all messed, and he reached up and turned off the interior light, indicating to us that the “show” was over.

We backed off a bit, he climbed through between the seats, started up the car and drove off. There was no direct communication between us watchers and the couple, other than a few oohs and ahs of appreciation at various points during the time they were busy.

After they left, the four of us watchers chatted a bit about what we had seen, Mr “last-to-arrive” regretting the fact that he had arrived so late and missed virtually all of the action. It turned out they had been waiting specifically for the young out-of-towner before they started, as he had also confirmed directly to them that he would be there, and they had exchanged contact details because he was unsure of the location. For him this was a first-time experience, seeing a couple fucking in real life so close to where he was standing. I had been privileged to watch this particular couple a few months before, and it was just as exhilarating for me to watch them the second time.

This brave and adventurous couple are both very attractive young people, with great bodies, good to look at. He is well-endowed and athletic, she is slim with a really cute bum and lovely pert titties. They obviously don’t want to interact with their audience (yet?), but the amazing thing is that they are keen and willing and have the courage to perform. In my eyes, they are jewels to the dogging community! If they say they’ll be there, they pitch (unless exceptional circumstances prevented them), and on time too!

It’s definitely worth making any effort you have to, to get to watch them, if they give you the opportunity. You need to watch the Forum’s Dogging page, and maybe the Personals, to see when next they offer to give us something to watch (I don’t think bugging them with messages asking “when next?” would be either appropriate or appreciated by them; in fact you might just piss them off). They WANT to be watched, and they enjoy the “kick” that it gives them as a couple, doing it with an audience!!... They’ll (hopefully!) do it again when it suits them – we need to be patient and “watchful”! They really deserve to be supported whenever this happens!