Written by michaelx

18 Jun 2013

I just want to thank the couple in the golf for a great time.

It was the 15 of this month that i decided to go to Northgate to “investigate” the dogging scene at the roof parking by the Game entrance. I noticed a couple in a golf and first walked past to see if they were dogging. They saw me but carried on and the woman gestured to me to come closer...by this time, “junior” was screaming to be freed....lol. as i got closer, the guy moved to the side and i got a birds eye view of her “rose”. She loosened my belt and unzipped me and freed “junior”. She started to blow me...wow...she was amazing. I got harder as i moved my hand towards her breasts and teased her nipples before moving my hand down to her swollen pussy. I put her left nipple in my mouth and nibbled her hard nip and felt her clit getting harder. She was very wet. I moved so i could taste her juices....very sweet....she begged me to fuck her. As i entered her, she arched her back and moaned..at this point i looked around to see if anyone heard her. I started slowly, just with shallow strokes, then with longer strokes until i was all in. I could feel her pussy tightening around my now very swollen hard cock and we were both about to come when she took my cock and told me to cum in her mouth as she wanted to taste her juices on me.