Written by asmuch

17 Oct 2012

Well its my first time posting anything but have to share last

Well for the last two or three weeks I've been chatting to this from site

We we aaranged to meet last night at 8 at a parking area just past the

Entrance to river club

Well the rules were no intro no talking

We arrived and got into his car and he pulled me right over and started kissing me deep

And playing with my pussy the idea of this complete strange doing this to me

Got me so hot and turned on I went down on him and gave him a BJ till he shot his load in my mouth

All this time hubby was sitting waiting for me in pur car parked right next to his

Well when he shot his load in my mouth I sucked out the last little out

Then took my shoes and pantys and got out of his car still we had not said one word to each other

And got into our car were hubby was sitting waiting with a big smill on his face

We went back home and made love

I think I am now hooked on the thought of dogging

Being with a complete strange

And am hoping to find new partners to do it with