Written by Robochick69

30 Sep 2017

I had always had a secret fantasy about being intimate with my doctor and having a really high sex drive, I couldn't wait for the first opportunity to share my dark longing with him. It was on one of my regular check-ups that I decided to carefully broach the subject that I enjoyed the most: sex... I asked him tentatively whether he could perhaps prescribe the 'blue pill' to counteract my high level of sexual need. I could see his interest suddenly piqued and I reeled him in.. he wanted to know more and I explained how I just never seemed to be able to satisfy the burning need in my loins for more... even after orgasm I was still in a high level of sexual desire. To my absolute delight he said that he wanted to try an 'experiment. I would climb up on the examining bed and masturbate for him until I climaxed and he would time how long my orgasm lasted! I knew very well (as did he) that this was very much not the norm and totally taboo and the thrill of it sent an electric tingle right down to my now dripping pussy. I lay down and started fingering myself whilst he sat next to the bed with a timer. I closed my eyes and was carried away, concentrating wholly on my clitoris and it's need for pleasure. I could hear his breathing next to me and the sharp intake as I drew my wet fingers out my pants and sucked on them, savoring the musky scent and imagining it was the delicious scent of another woman's pussy sitting on my face. I was drawing close to completion as my fingers quickened their pace and with my other hand I was thrusting my fingers inside my sopping tunnel. With an arching of my back, I lifted off the bed, and groaning I hit the pinnacle of orgasm, as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through me, riding it until my body stopped twitching and I opened my eyes to look at my doc. He was visibly shaking and said: 'yes, good good. I see the problem. The reason you are not satisfied after orgasm is that your orgasm only lasts for 60 seconds ' - we had had a much longer session than normal patients so he helped me off the bed, his hand pressed shakingly in the small of my back and I said thank you... I wonder if he had to take care of himself after my visit and that's why he rushed me out so quickly that day but this memory is one I use to this day when I need to cum - it always serves me well ;)