Written by Steve

05 Aug 2018

Earlier this year whilst mid action “my wife on all fours and me behind her “ and having a great time with my wife she lost control and blurted out her most inner desires!

Fuck me harder!

Stick your finger in my ass!

Fuck me, I want a big dick to fill me!

Just treat me like a slut!

Only after she had cum did she realize her words and started to try and explain. I was not too concerned because we have always been very open with each other and after all she had indulged my fantasies of “threesomes, anal, couples swap etc”.

She said she just got lost in the heat of the moment and it didn’t help that we had a porno on in the background.

But there was something in her voice I could sense that she was a bit embarrassed, here my wife of 8 years now mid thirties “still stunningly gorgeous and witty” had confessed her desires by mistake. I would remedy this situation. My search started for a guy to tend to her desires. I scanned and chatted with a fair amount of guys and then by chance Steve came around. Mid 20s well built, tall, dark hair, blue eyes and well mannered. I kept bringing it up to my wife and I even changed porn which I would systematically leave open on her Mac or phone. Finally she let in to her desires I will meet him for a drink. FML my cock was hard all day and my mind ran crazy but alas they simply had coffee. Steve Whatsapp “Fuck bud she is awesome, super cute and think she is up for it” . Her WhatsApp “ Hey hun leaving now, we will chat later at home”.

Later that evening well if you would not mind or get jealous I would like to have some fun, but I want you to be there with us! Maybe you can join.

I arranged a meeting that evening with Steve for the following Thursday. The week dragged on but hell it was long then finally Thursday arrived. We going to Steve’s not far he stays in a sectional title in PTA east. Odd thing my wife has never seen a naked picture of Steve but here she is going with me to his house? Steve and I had mapped out a basic game plan. We arrive we have drinks I go get some more drinks and they get comfortable. Honestly we arrive and he opens the front door we go in and his home like him is neat and clean. Everything looks new and in its place. We sit down and he offers us some drinks we chat a bit I am done with my drink I offer to get some more. Into the kitchen I go I pace around for what seems like forever and then walk out there the two are Steve standing shirtless in front on my wife her on the edge of the couch kissing and rubbing her hands over his abs then she fiddles with his belt and jeans and suddenly she is aware I am there. I tell her “Please don’t stop on my account! I assure her this is fantastic “. She stands up and pulls down Steve’s jeans to reveal a massive semi hard cock hanging midway to his knees, and not too mention he is smooth and he has girth. She gasps and giggles a nervous little giggle. Steve is taking her dress off as well to reveal her sexy g-string and Black lace bra. She sits back down while Steve stands in front of her she is kissing his abs and fondling his shaft a bit then he lifts the tip to her mouth and she starts to fit that thick cock into her mouth. She is adjusting and I see she is using both hands to get Steve into her mouth and there is still plenty left, not to mention that Steve has a set of big hanging balls as well. I have seen some serious dicks given the gym and boarding school etc but this guy was gifted. He was hard and fuck my wife was getting wild she would suck the head trying to get the entire tip into her mouth but she wasn’t going to far before she gagged and pulled it out. She uttered the words “Fuck it’s huge”. Steve just smiled. With Steve being hard my wife had one had free and was touching her tits and pussy rubbing herself, then licking him from base to tip. Steve pulled his cock untoward his bellybutton and she knew to tongue his balls. They were also smooth. Steve then motioned her up and they walked to his bedroom. We had discussed this between us. They would go get comfortable and I would come in a bit later. On route my wife discarded her g string and bra. I actually Just sat there and took my drink in one gulp. I walked down slowly and Steve was between her legs licking her pussy and fingering her. I went to the corner where there was a chair as discussed. I too started to undress. My wife told Steve to make her cum with his mouth which he was very close to doing. He continued his efforts and she had her first glimpse of ecstasy. Steve was then invited to “fuck my pussy”. Slowly he put the head of the cock at her wet pussy and started to push into her! Then she stops him and says wait, I thought oh shit the mood is gone. She gathers herself and says to Steve lay down! She says let me put it in I can control it then. She squats over his now erect cock and lowers herself onto it, slower than ever before with me or another guy I have seen. Steve is half way now and she is gasping and starts pulling him out a bit. But then she goes down again what follows is easily 10minutes of this constant adjusting and then suddenly she just goes down nice and easy. Steve’s cock is all the way in and she sits motionless. Let me just get use to it a bit, is all she gets out. She starts to rock a bit forward and backwards I am jerking my cock but can’t tell you if I had cum or not. As she goes forward I see her little butt Hollie as tight as ever everything looks super tight. Steve is touching her all over butt tits and even her face. Then as she starts getting comfortable she starts going faster and goes up and down but never letting him out fully. She looks back over her shoulder finally and tells me to come here. I am at her side cock out. She says touch me and kiss me. I kiss her lips and touch her tits I kiss her in the neck and she goes forward I decide to touch her little butt hole. And then it happens she just goes off “She grips poor Steve digging her nails into him and cums like never before. I can literally see that as Steve’s cock comes out its all white and she just keeps going. She regains herself and asks if Steve is close ? He says yes but he can still go! She tells me too put my cock in her mouth and cum with her while she cums again. She rocks back and forth me next to the bed with my cock in her mouth. She starts to cum and I let go as well. She rolls off Steve spent and looking a bit crazy. She motion Steve “cum on me “. He is on his knees dick by her face stroking away she suck him and licks him then his balls and Steve says to her “here it comes”, his body shudders and then he shoots his cum onto her his bed and the floor. I stand there watching her laying motionless for a few moments. Her pussy is red and swollen her long hair is everywhere her body has cum all over. Steve says you guys can have the room I am in the next room having a shower.

We have a good laugh at our own naughtiness and into the shower we go. She says her pussy is super sensitive and runs herself to another orgasim in the shower. Steve has put her clothes in the room. We get dressed and come out to find Steve drinking some coffee and some treats on the table. We enjoy the cup of coffee a biscuit and say our goodbyes.

We chatting with Steve again and we want to try some other things I can’t wait.