Written by Johnny

20 Sep 2018

Apologies I didn’t realize the rest of this tale never posted.

So there we were in the booth my wife “Talking dirty while playing with a strangers butthole”. She told him “Oh yes you like it, don’t you ! Your little hole is so tight” I had never thought it possible. But then again I never thought I would marry a swinger wife.

I had cummed already but our friend next door was still going strong mainly because he kept moving forward which meant my wife could not get to his cock. My wife suddenly blurred out “Move closer to the hole, so I can jerk you and finger you properly”. I almost thought she was talking to me. Our friend complied and pushed his butt cheeks up against the wall exposing himself properly. My wife wasted no time and literally spat on his butt hole. She bent his cock as far down and back as he could go and started to jerk him ever so often she would jerk so hard she bumped his balls “ouch this has happened to me before”. But this guy could take it. My wife then went rather deep and shoved her index finger in and the guy starting spitting Cumm. My wife “That’s it big boy, you like it in the naughty hole”! Wow she is a naughty gorgeous little Hotwife