Written by Tonguemansa

17 Jun 2013

I'm finally going to get to see you again. Our meeting is not going to be at the same level as the last time we saw each other but I will be fun. I'm going to cook for you for the first time in the 5 years we've known each other but you have to wear something really sexy for the evening!

I've made arrangements and are coming well prepared to make the meal with very little effort allowing me as much time as possible to spend with you chatting. The meal will consist of a starter of pan fried salmon on a bed of asparagus, followed by prawns with garlic and chillies with rice and a green salad, and to end with – and only because you don't want me to eat you for dessert – chocolate fondant pots with cream.

When I arrive, you greet me at the door looking stunning. My breath is taken away by the sight before me - long black hair, a red summer dress that hugs your womanly curves and emphasizes your sexiness and sensuality and rounded off by black shoes with stiletto heals that make you tower over me like an Amazonian goddess. The total picture - not forgetting the erect nipples that stand proud and enticing - gives me an immediate hard-on. But that is not on the menu tonight – you have been quite clear – so I greet you warmly but with reserve laughing as I do.

After packing all my provisions in the kitchen, I open a bottle of wine, pour a glass for you and we retire to lounge to relax and chat before I being my task. It is fun catching up with what has been going on in our lives in the past year but much as I would like to sit staring into your sensual eyes and being mesmerized by your sexy body, I pull myself away and begin the task of preparing the meal for us. I ask you to set the table while I begin. Once finished, I ask you to relax on the couch with your wine.

The first course is ready and I call you to the table. We sit chatting like friends and old lovers – totally relaxed in each other's company. Watching you eat has always been a turn on but tonight it is more so because the pleasure you have is from food I have prepared. You have such a sexy mouth and as your tongue slips between your lips I begin perspiring and my hard-on has returns. I know you know the effect you are having on me because you are really taking your time and savoring each mouthful! After finishing, I clear the plates away and begin the final prep op the main meal.

The main course too, is eaten slowly and sensually making me hornier with each bite. I watch you eat and do quite brazenly knowing that after almost a bottle of wine, you don't mind me staring at those stunning boobs with the erect nipples that tempt me to reach out and pinch them!

I am sure watching you tuck into the chocolate fondant, is going have me very close to orgasm! I'm not disappointed. The chocolate has the desired effect on you and you eat the dessert with such a combination of sensuality and eroticism, that in most countries it would be classed as a live sex show! But now the meal is over and a man's work is not yet done…. you can relax on the couch with a aperitif and a smoke while I clean up and do the dishes!

While I do the dishes you lie on the couch. We chat long distance whenever I come to the table to fetch more dishes. On one such trip, I notice your head is back and it seems as if you are asleep. The I notice the hand on you breast, playing with the nipple through the soft cotton material of your sundress. I stand quietly taking in the sight. I move closer to get a better view and notice that not only are you pinching and rubbing your erect nipples, the other hand has slid under the hem of your dress and hiked it up, revealing the soft curls of your pussy hairs. That hand is slowly and sensually rubbing your throbbing clit and ever so often, letting the fingers slip inside your wet pussy thereby making you moan in pleasure. The sight has me now even more turned on, but knowing the rules you've laid down for the night, I tear myself away before you notice and return to do the dishes.

As I work I suddenly feel your presence in the kitchen as you come up quietly behind me and rub yourself up against me, putting your arms around me to grope and fondle my still throbbing cock through my jeans. I reprimand you and remind you of your rules. You reply with your standard blah blah blah, turn me around, unzip me, free my throbbing cock and after sinking to your knees, begin to suck and lick and bite my cock taking it deep into your mouth and giving me the kind of blowjob I have come to know and love from you! Before I come in your mouth though, I stop you, remind you again of the rules, return my cock to safety, give you a long sensual kiss and with a pat on that sexy bum, send you back to the lounge.

When I finally finish cleaning and packing everything away, things in the lounge have again grown silent and I fear you have fallen asleep on me. When I return the sight before me is again one of the most erotic things I can imagine. You have removed your dress, revealing you sexy body in its entire splendor but have kept your shoes on. I notice from the pile that all through the evening, you have had no underclothes on. As you lie there playing with your pussy, I decide that I am now going to have MY dessert. I tiptoe up, kneel down and before you know it have begun to suck and bite on that throbbing clit of yours. You just chuckle and ask me what took me so long!

I continue to lick and suck and finger fuck you to your first orgasm. As usual you begin to laugh and your body tenses as the first orgasm rolls off my tongue and sends shivers down your spine! You moan and laugh and shudder as you implore me to suck harder and put more fingers deeper into your pussy. Wave after wave of little orgasms flood over you before you are finally spent and you begin to laugh and giggle at the pleasure you have forgotten!

But this night has now just begun dear. I turn you over, make you kneel on the couch so that that stunning pussy is just right, I love looking at your pussy when it is like this hot and wet and glistening from your own orgasms. I stand for a moment admiring it touching and stroking it lightly. Then I position tip of my throbbing penis at the mouth and in on motion, bury it deep in the recesses of your womanhood. This sudden invasion of your pussy makes you jump backwards, making the sensation of entering you even more dramatic. Your pussy is throbbing from your earlier orgasms, and as I enter and withdraw the muscles contract and pulse, urging me to go faster and sucking me deeper than I thought possible. I thrust and fuck for a bit but realize that I am too close to orgasm and you are not yet ready again. So I stop and tell you it is time to go to the bedroom.

I lead you down the passage to the sanctuary of your bedroom. There I am going to punish you for not sticking to the rules YOU made regarding this evening. Once there I demand that you get the whip I mad for you. While you rummage for it in your drawers, I slip off to fetch some scarves and a blindfold and a little gold vibrator, which I brought with the other stuff on the off chance that this might happen! Back in the bedroom, armed with my tools, I blindfold you, make you kneel on the edge of the bed, bending forward so that your tits and chest are on the bed and your arms spread wide. I use the silk scarves to tie your hands so that you cannot move them. Then I return to the back of you so that I can take in the sight of that pussy in all its glory.

Now it is time for your punishment. I tease your bum with the leather strands of the whip – tickling and stroking your cheeks and the soft open folds of your pussy. Then without warning, I suddenly pull it back and whip you with a little more force than you were expecting. The leather bites into your bum and pussy lips leaving red welts in the wake and bringing a moan to your lips as tears well up in your eyes. But you and I both know, that as I continue to whip you, that you are becoming more and more turned on and that two or three more blows are going to make you cum again. And neither of us is disappointed – within seconds your crying out has turned to moans of pleasure and you begin to thrust and spasm in orgasm! As the orgasms continue, I stop the whipping and turn the whip around and with little care, stick that hard wooden cock deep into your pussy. This again pushes you over the edge and another scream of pleasure escapes your lips!

I pull the cock shaped handle from your pulsating cunt, and replace it with my throbbing cock. Then as I thrust in and out of your wonderful pussy, I reach for the little gold vibrator and after lubricating it with your pussy juices, slide it gently into your arse and turn it on. You often fantasize about being fucked by two men and this double penetration – although not completely the same – is tremendous and I immediately feel the reaction of your pussy muscles on my cock as the thrusting of the cock and vibrator are alternated. I can feel each spasm and each spasm translates into an orgasm you feel… drawing me closer and closer to my own orgasm. But I know that cumming it you is not punishment enough so Before I cum, I withdraw. I move around and untie your hands.

As I stand before you I place your hands on my thick hard cock still wet from your pussy and cum juices. Your blindfold is still on so you can't see the pleasure on my face as you play with my cock and balls. Then you lean forward and take my prick deep into your mouth and begin to suck hard on it… dragging you teeth across it as you know I like you to do… ensuring that you are sucking, biting, and pumping with your fist on my shaft as you do it. I grab you by the hair and as usual begin to almost fuck you in the mouth as my orgasm approaches. Then As I feel the movement from deep within my balls, I pull my cock out of your mouth, grip it in my fist and begin to pump on the shaft. You pull off your blindfold, turn around onto your back and look backwards at me while playing with your clit. Then as I begin to spurt my cum all over your face and tits, moan and scream in orgasm too.

After my orgasm, my knees are weak and I flop down on the bed next to you. After gathering our senses, you reach for your smokes, light one and lay back down on the bed with your head on my thigh, stroking my now flaccid penis, smoking satisfyingly and basking in the afterglow of a wonderful meal and even more wonderful sex!!!