Written by Outof town

13 Dec 2016

A table over looking the ocean at a Durban restaurant, a bottle of white wine and a blonde. The sun set and her long hair caught the candle light and accentuated her large breasts under her sheer blouse. We laughed again and she leaned forward exposing her ample cleavage. I was enjoying the atmosphere and the company. Her nipples hardened as the cool sea breeze caught her and I could feel my manhood respond as I enjoyed the view.

Her leg was resting against mine and she made no effort to move it, signalling that she had decided that we would have desert after all. It was a short drive to her accommodation and she slipped her hand on to my upper thigh as I drove. Her fingers traced upwards and onto my stiffening member, she gripped me and I felt my pole twitch as it grew to it's full potential under her touch. We climbed the stairs, her ahead of me and I could see that she was not wearing any underwear. As the door closed behind me she turned and we kissed deeply, our tongues dancing and tasting the sweet anticipation of our arousal.

I slipped her blouse and bra off her shoulder and my mouth covered her swollen nipple as I ran my tongue around it. She undid my buttons and belt buckle, her hands releasing my stiff, swollen and pulsating cock from it's prison. I moved, kneeling between her thighs and tasted her sweet, swelling lips. Her juices were flowing as I found her hardened nub and sucked it gently until she squealed with her increasing enjoyment. She pushed me down onto the floor and straddled me, pushing my steeled cock inside her pulsing pussy and she rode me. Her tempo increased as she dictated the pace by her beckoning orgasm. Her breasts brushed my face as she upped the timing until she screamed and leaned back, releasing her orgasmic flow as I pressed deep into her and sprayed my seed in our mutual satisfying moments of gratification.

The moments passed and as the glow faded she said:""Maybe we will make it to the bed next time..." We never did...