Written by Joe

19 Oct 2016

Hi guys, wow what a site! Great stories man. I really dig peoples true experiences!! Don't know how I missed this site before. Anyway, let me tell the readers out there one of our stories. My wife and I have been married for 30 years. We have always had a really good sex life & something we told each other many years back was that should either of us be in a position where a sexual opportunity presented itself we should not hold back if we found 'ourself' getting turned on etc.

Also from time to time we have a quiet night together and confess one or more such encounters we may have had, to one another and 9 out of 10 it ends up with a good screwing session between us!!

This is a true experience my wife had some 10 years ago as she told it to me. We lived in a small town not too far from another smaller town about 36km away. She taught at the junior boarding school in that Town and once a month she and another teacher friend of hers had to do a weeks Hostel duty which meant sleeping there from the Monday to the Friday. She always got the boys dorm while her friend had the girls dorm. Off the dorm down a passage was a staff room and off this staff room was her room where she slept while there on duty. The 'staff room' was small and served as a kitchenette for the staff on duty and also had some lounge chairs where my wife usually sat at night after the dorm was settled and did her marking of books etc. There was a younger male teacher who lived on his own in a small house very close to the boys dorm and sometimes he would come into the staff room and make himself coffee and chat to my wife and her friend and she had told me what a 'card' he was and how they always enjoyed his stories and they always had a good laugh. She thought from his various stories that he was quite a naughty character, especially when he had been a bit younger.

So one night during one of her 'stints' at dorm duty she was marking test results and getting mark books up to date and it was getting very late. No one had come to staff room that night and eventually she thought that she would be alone the entire night so took off her bra and chucked it onto the chair next to her, making herself comfortable sitting in a fairly tight fitting T-Shirt and skirt. I can add her that my wife is rather an attractive woman, now mature but then had a good pair of 36D tits. Anyhow, she was thinking that its time to make coffee and turn in for the night when suddenly This male teacher and some strange dude she had not seen before snuck into the staff room quietly, obviously not expecting anyone to still be up that time of night. They were really surprised to see her there and proceeded to put the kettle on, offering her coffee also. My wife had just finished packing up all her books & stuff when she suddenly remembered her bra over the other chair!! Too late, the guys had also seen it and the male teacher, lets call him 'Don', grabbed the bra and like put it up to his chest and turning to this other guy said something like it must be a nice big pair of tits that fills this thing hey! She realized that they were both now looking straight at her tits, nicely visible on her T-shirt and wobbling about nice and naturally as she moved. Their eyes did not leave her tits. Now my wife has always been a great sport and often does things without considering the consequences! She says that for some reason at that moment she just felt naughty and admitted that she was just a touch turned on by their stares of admiration so without thinking, looking down at her own tits she grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt and saying to the guys "you mean these??" she flashed them her tits. She thought it was going to be just a quick glimpse for them & she had planned with that to retire to her room. But at the crucial moment instead of covering her tits the T-shirt slipped out of her fingers catching on the top of her tits & for what seemed like an age to her, there her tits were totally exposed to the guys. She gave a sudden embarrassed cry and before she could get at the t-shirt Don had his hands on her tits, massaging them rather roughly. She says she had no idea he could move that fast!! She said "hey that's no allowed, these are out of bou..." but before she could finish they other guy was there and put his mouth right over one of her tits and sucked on the nipple playing his tongue over it. A great feeling just short through her body & she could sware her tits and pussy were connected!! These two guys gave her no gap and her efforts to pull the shirt down were ignored and in vain! She stared into the hair of both their heads as she looked down at them and they both had their mouths on her tits sucking her nipples and flicking their tongues over them. The feeling was suddenly intense and exhilarating! She lay back and just let them do this to her enjoying the feeling. She was now turned on & said to me she could not help herself it felt so good. Next she felt their hands moving up the inside of her thighs & made a show of closing her legs tightly but they pulled at her legs & it became a little painful and she thought they would leave bruises if she struggled too much which she did not want to have in case I saw them when she got home, and anyway she admits it was feeling really good and suddenly she just wanted them to fuck her. She opened her legs enough for them to get to her pussy, Hell that was feeling really good so she opened her legs more & the guys both said almost in unison, "yeah, that's it baby we want to finger this pussy". She was wet & they were pleasuring her easily. Suddenly they grabbed her panties and pulled them off her. Then they both stood up, bent down on either side of her and each putting one hand under her and one around her they lifted her up and carried her into her room and placed her on the 3/4 bed. One closed the door and locked it. They both then pulled off their shirts and pants and there they stood next to her naked and their cocks swollen stiff. She says Don had a cock much like mine but the other guys was huge and his head was purple with lust. She kept looking at these cocks her pussy now dripping wet. They pulled her skirt off and she half sat up as they pulled the t-shirt over her head. Without saying anything the other guys moved to her feet, opened her legs wider and climbed onto the bed moving up between my wife's legs he took his cock and started moving it up and down, ploughing through her pussy lips stimulating her clit. She says she knows she gave a very load moan of pleasure and put her head back in the pillow. Don's cock pressed against her lips and she opened her mouth taking his cockhead into her mouth and started to suck his cock. With that she felt this total strangers cock start to push into her vagina, moving back and then forward, deeper each time. He grunted his pleasure and said she had a fantastic tight pussy and he was going to fuck her and said quite forcefully apparently, that he was not going to stop, he was gonna shoot his cum right deep inside her. My wife was religious about her birth control, so this did not phase her & she admits it hightened her desire and she fucked him back as much as he fucked her. She came multiple times she says she could not remember how many and suddenly he was jetting his cum into her, with loud aaaah's with each thrust he made. She says she had never felt anything like that before or since and the feeling was so strong she almost passed out with a huge orgasm of her own. He finished off by lying down on her, sucking each tit in turn, thrusting his still pretty hard cock in and out of her. Then he lifted himself up off and out of her, cum oozing out and down over her ass hole he looked at her and flashed her an amazing smile and said, "baby I really enjoyed fucking you tonight, you were amazing!" She told him she had enjoyed his cock just as much & while saying that Don was on her and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. He did not give her too much mind & was just out to pleasure himself. She did not cum with him fucking her although it felt pretty good and in a short while he was slamming into her saying "fuck yes" "fuck yes" fuck yes!" He pulled out of her standing up, she says a small amount of cum still dripped from his cock but he looked buggered but happy. They grabbed their cloths, dressing they said to her, "we will leave you to get some sleep as we must! And fuck, this was better than any coffee. Thanks" They opened the door and left closing it behind her. My wife says she felt exhausted and guilt swept over her but the lingering feeling was so nice. She just pulled the sheet over herself & slept, showering the next morning. The last thing she remembers was tightening her vagina muscles and feeling more cum ooze out of her well fucked pussy!! I actually remembered that weekend that she came home after that, as she seemed a bit too eager to please me and did things like make extra special meals and so on. I did not complain though as the sex we had was great, really great, but it did make me wonder what could have happened! This incident she only told me many years later, but it had the desired effect and we both screwed the night away!!

Hope you guys enjoyed that. There are more times we had together ...