Written by muf

11 Nov 2014

Well after a few days, just before New Year, I got a call. It was one I was waiting for. It felt like it had been ages, although in reality it was just a few days. It was Lea!!!!!!

I was, for sure, excited to receive that call. So excited I had an instant erection and even the wetness of pre-cum formed.

At 10 on the Tuesday 31st December I rang the doorbell. It was a familiar tune.

Big was my disappointment when Lea's old man opened the door. "Please come in" he said, but I was sure he had seen my disappointment.

"Want something to drink?" he asked, dragging out my discomfort.

I was quick on the "no thank you". "Come with me" he said.

"Well, thank you" I said, following the older man to a room at the back of the house.

As the door opened I saw a chair at the bottom end of the bed and still thought "yeah right."

But as the door opened further I noticed a huge smile on Oldman's face, when I saw HER bound and blindfolded. My jaw dropped.

She was bound unusually and must have been pretty uncomfortable. She was tied up, face down on the bed. Her legs were spread, with pillows pushing her ass high up in the air exposing her pussy and her ass.

My cock twitched in my pants. The old man invited me in by giving her a smack on the ass. I could see his fingers hit her asshole and pussy lips. He took his seat on the chair and I walked over.

I blew gently over her ass and pussy. She moaned softly and she definitely enjoyed that. I started by kissing her on her ass cheeks. Did not think it was possible, but it seemed she pushed her ass up, in the air and even higher.

With my tongue, I teased her pussy lips. My nose tickled her asshole. When my tongue slipped between her pussy lips, and I reached for her clit, my nose slipped inside her pussy. Although my nose could not penetrate her pussy very deeply she moaned with excitement. "O yes.........o yes! she screamed" and my nose was wet with her juices.

Now and then I stuck my tongue inside her pussy, and my nose pushed against her asshole. She went wild and when my tongue went back to her clit and my nose slipped in her pussy again she became more excited.

The next moment she screamed "I am cumming, I am cumming. I thought she had pissed on me, but she had squirted. It dried quickly and had a different smell.

This pushed me over the edge with lust and I got rid of my clothes. While I did that, the old man placed something in her pussy and her clit area. As I got up behind her I noticed there was something in her ass too.

My cock slid easily into her wet pussy. Soon I realized that she had a vibrator bullet inside her pussy against her clit and inside her ass. All of them were controlled by the old man.

As I started to get used to the vibrator inside her pussy, he switched it off and he switched on the one in her ass. It drove us mad with excitement. I could feel Lea's pussy clamp around my cock as these vibrators excited her more.

She must have cum more than once, and I could feel I was close. I think the old man realized it too, cause he slipped a wet thin vibrator into my ass. I was so close and so excited that I did not care. I think he must be a doctor because he found my prostate immediately, because I came like I never have before. I could not stop. At the same time as I exploded, Lea had another orgasm. It was out of this world.

I had nothing left in me. I was drained. I rolled off Lea and fell asleep.

I don't know how long I was asleep but I woke up with Lea giving me a blowjob. As I woke up I realized the vibrator with the remote function was in my ass. My hands and feet were tied and the wicked girl was in charge of the remote. She smiled at me as my cock grew in her mouth. When my cock was fully erect Lea got up and sat on my cock and it slid into her as easily as a hot knife through butter.

She lifted herself up so that my cock was just about to slip from her pussy. She pushed the button for the vibrator in my ass and fell down hard onto my cock. While my cock soaked in her pussy she kissed me. I tasted her juices and my cum on her tongue. She switched the vibrator off and lifted herself up again and the ritual happened all over again.

She kept on doing that for a while 'til she stopped switching off the vibrator, and started to ride my cock. I thought it could not get any stranger, till the old man placed his fingers around my cock and push with his hand on my sensitive balls, and I exploded again.

Lea got up and asked me if I wanted her to untie me. I said "yes" and she said "one condition ..........................."

But that is a story for another time!