25 Oct 2015

This happened to a friend and i spiced it up into a story. Hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to leave comments.

It was a hot Sunday afternoon. I was irrItated. All the people were flocking to the beach and I had to work. I got a theft docket and the suspect was a Sam, Sam Fletcher, neighbour of the complainant. He borrowed the complainant's bicycle and had not returned it. The old man believes the bike was sold because he does not see it any more. I had to work, and there was no way I could not spoil someone else's afternoon as well and no better way than to arrest him. The cells will cool him down in this heat.

I first wrote up my other cases. Then I set out to arrest Sam. Being behind on my month's arrests, it felt great to pull one back. I had not had much luck on the arrest front and just knew my captain will start to give me some grief.

It was clear that there was a woman's hand in the garden when I stopped in front of the house. Flowers running alongside the foot path. The garden was neat and taken good care of. In front of the garage was a Fiat 500. It must be Sam's wife's car, there was a pink fuzzy toy hanging from the mirror. I walked up to the door and the asshole in me got the better of me because I was planning to spoil Sam's day big time. Ok asshole, here we go, and I rang the bell. It turned out to be one of those silly tunes. I thought to myself that this guy is for sure in tune with his feminine side, and his wife runs the household.

I heard someone approach the door. "Who is there?" came the questions from a female's voice.

"Police, Miss Fletcher " I answered.

"Come to the window and show me your ID card," which I then did.

I heard the door open. I was astonished at the sexy creature in front of me. She had a white blouse on with a short maroon miniskirt. Her eyes were hidden behind sunglasses. She said something about working in her back garden. My cock gave a twitch. She was short, maybe 5' 6" tall with big round full breasts and round curvy ass, with short black hair and and beautiful smile. When she removed her glasses I really felt I was below average next to her.

"Good day Miss Fletcher, I am looking for your husband Mr Sam Fletcher," I said and my eyes drop down to her cleavage.

They were like magnets. I just could not stop myself. It was just for a second but she had a smile at the corner of her lips, so I was sure she noticed me looking.

"Come in" she said, and I followed her to the kitchen. My eyes were on her ass swinging from side to side. My head was screaming to try and stay professional.

"Why are you looking for him?" She ask putting some water in the kettle and pointing me to sit.

In a brief summary I explained the situation and she pushed her face into her hands and mumbled something I could not hear.

"Excuse me?" I said, and she looked up and said "I am not married! I am Sam, short for Samantha!" She asked me how I like my coffee.

"The bike is at my parent's place in George. I did not think the old man would mind as he told me I may borrow it because he never uses it. I can go and fetch it in two weeks time," she explained over coffee.

I was flabbergasted for a few seconds and explained that this is a problem because I came to arrest him............her. But the truth was that the devil in me was winning the fight. I got up and I took my handcuffs out and said that she has to come with me. I explained that we can leave the handcuffs but it's procedure.

"Wait!" She called out "can we discuss this?"

"We can, but nothing would change" I said and I could feel that little devil was blossoming.

"I have seen you staring at my cleavage, and I am willing to flash you if you give me two weeks to go fetch the bike at my parent's house in George. "

"Tempting, but breasts only buy you two days," I laughed, thinking she was joking.

But then I noticed the tears on her cheek and felt sorry for her. Now the angel had an upper hand for a change.

"Ok I will give you till Friday if you let me suck them," I suggested. "It will give you some time to collect the bike or get it here." She said it's not enough time. She will strip down if it will buy her a few more days.

She just wanted to open up her blouse but I stopped her and told her that undressing her is part of the fun. Her breasts were big and round under my touch. Sam's breathing was heavy and warm. Her eyes were closed as I open her blouse one button at a time. Her nipples were erect, pushing through her clothing.

When all of the buttons of the blouse were undone the blouse fell to the floor. I brushed the back of my hand over her nipples still covered by her lace bra. I kissed her nipples and Sam's whole body shook.

While her eyes were closed I had a good look at how to unhook her bra, as this always gave me problems. I took a cloth and blindfold her. I acted like an expert and her breast popped free as with one nifty movement of my hand I unclipped her bra.

She gave a giggle, I believe in a combination of suprise and pleasure. I glided the back of my hand over her erect but sensitive nipples. I could see tiny goosebumps appearing all over her breasts. I believe it was because of pleasure but to be honest it could have been because she was cold too as her house was standing in the shade of a tree and the tiles made it quite cold.

The whole time I kept her blindfolded. I put my legs between hers and spread her legs wide open. There was wet mark on her panties and I could see the well shaped hair above her love hole. When I kissed her on the inside of her leg she jumped a little. I felt in control.

I pulled her up and made her stand. Kissed her on the mouth and to my suprise she kissed me back with passion. After a long passionate kiss I kissed her down her neck and over her breasts. Her breathing got faster. I was sure she liked it. I unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She stepped out of it, soon followed by her panties. Even though my legs felt like jelly I picked her up and carried her down the passage till I found a bedroom. While I was busy getting rid of my shirt she loosened my pants and did well even though blindfolded. Working together, she helped me to be naked in seconds.

Although it had started off that she was reluctant, there was no more sign of that, with heated passion and lust in both our bodies. I was on top of her. We kissed passionately. Her nails pressed into my back but I did not feel it. My cock pressed against her opening. She was too wet to keep me out and my cock opened up her lips and the head of my cock entered her body, splitting her lips. The intruder was eagerly excepted by her body. I decided I wanted more foreplay, and pulled out. She moaned her disapproval. My mouth found its way down her neck to her breast and closed around her nipple. My fingers pinched her other nipple.

My mouth found the path down to her pussy. Her breathing was heavy and loud in expectation, her hands on my head steering me to her pleasure. I teased her with my tongue, not doing immediately what she wanted.

"O YES. O YES PLEASE" is all that escaped her mouth.

Finally my toungue split her lips and found her sensitive sweet spot and started playing with her clit. She never released my head, like she was scared I would stop. She tasted so nice and I wanted more. My tongue toyed with her clit and moved over her sex till I nearly touched her asshole. Her whole body reacted to what my tongue was doing. She opened her legs wide and pushed her pussy towards my mouth as she showed me she wanted it.

Soon her clit was swollen under my tongue. I started to suck her clit. She hit her nails into my head, pushed it down onto her pussy and moaned loud and soon she started to have a violent orgasm and I sailed like a snake up her body. I kissed her and I tried to tease her more by pushing my cock into her, just parting her lips, and thenpulled it out. It felt amazing as the head of my cock split her pussy in two. Suddenly she wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me all the way into her. Her wet pussy accepted the intruder gratefully. The heater was on inside her and I started to catch momentum. She untwisted her legs and hooked her ankles around my shoulders exposing her pussy even more.

"Now fuck me hard" she said.

I obliged and pulled nearly out, then ramming my cock hard in. My hips slammed hard against hers. Somewhere the blindfold came off but her eyes were closed and showing she surely wanted this. She bit her lower lip and then her mouth went open. I was not sure if she had an orgasm but her pussy clamped down on my cock and it pushed me over the edge. I just came like I have not in a while, and collapsed on top of Sam. We both fell asleep, but it could have been just me.

I don't know how long I slept for, but was awoken by pleasure riding up my cock. Sam was sucking me to an erection. She was really giving it to me. She sucked me so deep her nose was touching my stomach. I was as hard as a nail again in a jiffy. She forced herself over the whole of my cock. It felt so nice as my cock hit the back of her throat. She lifted her head. My cock twisted and she said "ready?" She came up and sat hard on my cock.

Moving aggressively up and down. She was riding my cock like a rodeo rider. Every time she would go right up until the tip of my cock just parted her pussy lips and then fell down again aggressively on my cock. She kept it going for quite a while. Sweat bubbles apeared on her full round breasts. Her breasts bounced up and down. I felt really hot. Then she lay forward on my chest. Her pussy contracted. I realised she had come. Without indication or further movement because of the situation, I came too.

Again we fell asleep. I am not sure how long I lay there but when i woke up I was alone in the room. I could hear some voices coming from the kitchen. I peeked around and realised Sam was on the phone with her mother. She had a short nighty on. Her round naked ass was exposed. I could see her pussy. From the last time I knew she liked it a bit rough. My cock stood to attention at the sight in front of me.

I walked over, and pushed her forward on the counter. Her tits were squashed down on the counter. She tried to fight me off. But I had her pegged down perfectly. I rammed my cock into her pussy. She was still wet. She tried to keep her composure. Her mom must have heard the situation change. I had a perfect view of my cock entering her pussy. As much as she struggled it was no use and her ass wobbled as I rammed it in. With a struggle to keep her pose she said goodbye to her mom. She was clearly upset with me but as much as she struggled she could not get loose.

She said " Look Miss Stydom is watching us."

I noticed a women in her 50's was watching us. I just kept going. "Get off me" she screamed, but it was too late. She went quiet. The fact that the lady from next door was watching me force myself on Sam drove her over the edge. She came loud and hard. I let go of her arms and she pushed her nails into my ass cheeks and screamed "I am cumming". Her boddy shook and she went numb. I fucked her hard and watching my cock entering her pussy unwanted. Suddenly I came, two spurts inside her and thenI pulled out. The next stream squirted over her back to just under her neck. The next two streams of my cum landed on her ass.

I was so hot. Suddenly Sam turned around and started to suck me. My cock wanted to rest but Sam refused to let my cock go limp. When my cock was hard she lay back on the coffee table and said "let's give Miss S a good show. Fuck me hard."

I was pushing my cock into her as hard as I ever did. My hips hit her body hard. We gave the onlooker a great show. My balls were empty, so this was not going to be a five-minute show. We both had a good workout. Sweat was running off our bodies but we did not give up. Sam was staring straight at Miss S. Her breasts were bouncing as I thrust my cock into her. The older woman was very beautiful and I really enjoyed the attention. After we switched positions I exploded for hopefully the last time of the day.

We lay there in each other's sweaty arms.

Sam got up on her elbow and asked "would you do Miss S?"

With a smile I just said "I have a thing for older women."

"Mmm, I will make your thing come true. I will for sure set it up and give you the chance to give Miss S the fuck of her life....................."

That will be my next story.