Written by redbruce

16 Jan 2017

It was not one of the particularly well-known dogging sites. A local guy who hangs out there whenever he can, and encourages others to use the site, posted that he would be there, naked, for the day, and that a couple would be joining him in the afternoon. Soon afterwards, a couple (who I happen to have met and been with before) posted that they would be going to the same site in the afternoon, and were looking for other couples to join them. I (correctly, as it turned out) put two and two together, and presumed that they were the couple the guy was going to be meeting up with. I let the guy know that I would be coming through, described my vehicle, and explained that I would try and get hold of a local lady (Marie) who I know well, to see if she could join me. Coming from a different direction, though, she sensibly suggested that she would go there independently, together with another male friend of hers, Wicus, saving me making a bit of a detour.

I arrived at the site before the arranged time, but there was no sign of the local guy. I looked around a bit, sent him a message saying I was there, and then waited. Marie phoned to say they had just arrived, and I explained where to turn in and where they would find me. Still no sign of the local guy… We then noticed a vehicle driving up and down on the other side of the river, and I wondered if that was the couple I knew (John and Sue* – but all names have been changed, to try to protect identities), possibly also not sure where the site was. I sent them a message asking if they were around and looking for the site. John phoned me soon after, confirming they needed directions to find the entrance to the site, and they soon also arrived and joined us. The five of us started chatting.

John and Sue were far and away the most experienced of us in terms of swinging and dogging. Marie had only experienced her first outdoor sex and her first dogging event last year, and Wicus had never done anything like this before, and didn’t even know anything about dogging until Marie mentioned it to him a couple of months back. But, although they have been intimate a few times, they had not done any dogging together. So they were inexperienced newbies!

With the local guy seemingly not around, and not answering our messages either, I thought that everything was about to dissolve; I was there without a partner, and the newbies were uncertain and hesitant – we three had been hoping to watch the experienced couple playing with the local guy, and maybe play along a bit… But fortunately John and Sue were made of sterner stuff, and John took the lead. We decided to write the local guy off - we could make something happen without him! But we needed somewhere where we had some shade, to get out of this hot sun!

From my monitoring of the dogging posts here over the years, I had seen previous posts from the local guy where he described his mode of transport, and was confident I would recognise his vehicle (if not him) when I saw it. We drove along the track above the river bank, looking for a suitable spot with some shade and a bit of privacy… and spotted his vehicle down next to the river! – it had not been there when we had driven past earlier…. And there was a guy next to it, not naked, but wearing just shorts (not a towel) and a cap – pretty much like he had told me he would be…..

We parked the three vehicles on the grass next to the track, and walked down the path to meet him. I introduced myself, and he just looked surprised…! I asked him if he was "…" (his profile name), and he said “No!”… Ooops, bit embarrassing, this! Seems we have the wrong guy! Or maybe he just felt a bit intimidated by having the five of us suddenly descend on his quiet spot by the river….

While I was chatting to him, John was having a look around, still looking for a suitable shady spot. There was a really nice spot on the river bank close to and in sight of where local guy was parked, so it was effectively “his”, and then it seemed as if there was another one a bit further away up the river bank. The guy suggested to us that, if we were looking for a place to swim, we should try a little further up the river! He seemed to think we were there for a swim….

I let the others know that we apparently had the wrong guy, and we decided to leave him alone, and I started to head back up to the vehicles. But John had other ideas! He hadn’t come this far to let the opportunity go past. He headed back along the track, and then turned back down towards the river to the further shady spot he had identified, with Sue following close behind. I could see that John was keen to move things along, so I collected a picnic blanket from my car and the rest of us then followed him and Sue back down to the river bank, maybe twenty or thirty metres up-river from where the local guy was hanging out, but screened from his view by the thick bush, and with a bit of a gully between us.

This spot was not as ideal as “his”, being a smaller tree with low-hanging branches and a lot of twigs on the ground. By the time I caught up with them, John was in under the tree. He had removed his T-shirt, cleared away a few twigs, and laid it on the ground, and was beckoning to Sue to creep in under the tree and sit on it. I suggested the use of my blanket instead, handed it over and John spread it out. Sue moved in and sat down on the blanket. Marie and Wicus also sat down, but up-slope on the grass, next to each other and facing John and Sue, just under the shade of the tree and about a metre away from them. Initially I stood just behind them, where I could watch whatever was going to happen, but could also keep an eye on the route we had just made down to “our” tree, in case our neighbour or anyone else started getting nosy and came to interrupt the fun.

John knelt in front of Sue, kissed her briefly, then gently pushed her back so that she was lying on one half of the blanket. Of course, she was wearing a light summery dress, and he pushed the skirt bit up her thighs until her panties were visible. He pushed her legs apart, and knelt between them. He then hooked a finger under the leg-elastic and moved the fabric to the side, exposing her pussy, and rubbed his finger up and down her slit. She closed her eyes and started to moan gently. Soon he stopped and said to her “I don’t know why you bother to wear these things!”, hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties while she obligingly lifted her hips off the blanket, and slid them off her. Her pussy mound, accentuated by a beautiful narrow short-trimmed landing strip, was now fully exposed, and he started fingering her again, and soon leant down and started licking her pussy. The rest of us were watching, in eager anticipation, now assured that “something was going to happen”!

I hung back, expecting that Marie and Wicus might shift down onto the blanket next to Sue (where she had intentionally left room beside her). But they didn’t, apparently unsure if they should get involved in any way or just spectate. I decided - forget about our “neighbour”, if he wants to come and have a look, let him!, and slipped past Marie and lay down on the blanket next to Sue, for a better and closer view of their action. John was still muffing her, so I started stroking her boobs through her clothing. John pushed her loose dress up higher, reaching underneath it for her boobs. Sue reached behind and undid her bra-clasp, slipped off the shoulder straps, and then pulled it out through an armhole of her dress. I folded it neatly and placed it together with her panties in John’s cap near the base of the tree. John then pushed her dress right up, so that her boobs were fully exposed, and he and I each played with a boob, tweaking her gorgeous nipples which were soon erect.

I shifted position a bit so that I could suck on Sue’s boob, and looked back up at Marie and Wicus. Wicus was rubbing her pussy, and she was stroking his cock, both still fully clothed, while sitting watching. I asked – “aren’t you guys also going to play?” Marie smiled back at me and also removed her panties, lifted her dress up and spread her knees, so that I was looking up at her pussy being fingered by Wicus while I was sucking on Sue’s boob.

John decided that he needed a pee before he could proceed with any further action, got up and moved out from under the tree and walked off. I immediately took his place between Sue’s legs, and started licking her pussy, while looking up at Marie and Wicus playing with each other. After a while John came back, and reported that our neighbour was still where we had left him, but was now naked and wanking. John was SURE it was in fact the local guy they were supposed to be meeting up with! But strangely he didn’t seem interested in joining us (although Marie reckons she later heard him creeping around in the bushes, so he was probably watching us)…

While I was keeping Sue occupied, John went and stood next to Marie, pulled down his rugby shorts, and offered Marie his dick to suck on. She took it in her hand and wanked a bit, and then took him into her mouth. She was wearing a dress with a thin strap and elasticated top, so it was easy to push it down and expose her boobs. I don’t know if she did so, or if the guys did so, but soon her boobs were out and Wicus was sucking on one while John played with the other, while she sucked John’s dick and wanked Wicus’. John reached down and started fingering her pussy, seemingly taking turns with Wicus.

Wicus slipped down, lying next to Sue, so that he could lick Marie’s pussy, with John playing with her boobs while she continued to suck on his dick. It wasn’t long before I heard the familiar build-up, and she was the first to cum, with some loud gasping.

When Wicus had finished with Marie, he rolled onto his side facing Sue, Sue pulled down the elastic on his shorts and reached for his cock, wanking it. Sue also came while I was muffing her, not quite as noisily as Marie. I moved back up onto the blanket beside her, and continued to play with her boobs. She took Wicus’ cock into her mouth, and started to blow him, stroking my dick through my shorts, while sucking Wicus off. She quickly brought Wicus to the point of no return, and he hurriedly pulled out of her mouth and his cum spurted out onto his stomach as he came. Sue then said to me - “get those rods off!” I undid them and pushed them down, and she took my dick in her mouth and gave me a great blowjob. I had to stop Sue before she made me cum. Marie and John had continued playing, watching what was happening on the blanket. I continued fingering Sue’s pussy until she came again, and then asked me to stop.

We all needed a bit of a break, stopped playing, and sat chatting among ourselves, wondering what our neighbour might have heard, or possibly even seen… John said he was convinced it was the guy who had initiated the whole event. Sue said she also thought so, and was sure she would “recognise him if she saw his dick” (from having seen his dick pics on his profile)… She decided to go and see if her hunch was right, stood up and straightened her dress down (but did not replace any underwear), and headed back up the path in his direction. The rest of us sat chatting for a while. Sue did not return…

We decided to go and investigate, and see what she had discovered… We packed up and headed back up the path, and around to the neighbour’s side of the bush. We found Sue lying on her back on the grass, knees up and spread wide, skirt around her waist, rubbing her pussy while she looked up at our neighbour. He was now naked, nicely tanned, and was also wanking while looking down at her. He stopped as we approached, and his erection quickly subsided, but he had a really good-sized cock on him! Who knows what might have happened if we hadn’t interrupted them….! But we had… Sue stopped what she was doing and stood up, her dress now covering her up again.

So it turned out that our neighbour WAS in fact the “local guy”! He had been there before our arrival, but had had to attend to an errand which was why he was not there when we first arrived. Then when the five of us descended on him, he apparently didn’t hear clearly my introduction or my question about his profile name. Besides which, he was awfully shy, and didn’t know how to react with so many strange people suddenly appearing. He wrapped a towel around himself as we chatted, so that he wasn’t the only one naked…

John meanwhile went and had another look at the better shady spot under the local guy’s tree, and decided that it was a good place for us to continue our playtime. He came back and collected Sue, and suggested that we all move over there instead of standing in the sun. I specifically invited the local guy to join us there, asking if he was aware what we had been doing on the other side of the bushes. He nodded and smiled, and said he would join us now-now.

We laid out the picnic blanket under the tree, and Sue sat down on the blanket. John offered Sue his dick, and soon she was sucking on it with vigour. As soon as John was hard again, he knelt down in front of Sue, lifted her legs and pushed them back up onto her chest, stroked his dick along her slit a couple of times, and then pushed into her, as we watched. She groaned with pleasure, having been waiting for this! He fucked her slowly at first, then picked up the tempo, and his balls slapped against her bum as he fucked more aggressively.

I noticed that the local guy still hadn’t joined us, and was “missing out” on this action, preferring to stand next to his vehicle watching from a distance, although nude once again. I suggested to Marie that she go and call him over and encourage him to join in, maybe even offer him a BJ. She went and chatted with him, even taking his nice exposed tackle in hand and wanking him a bit, but as he didn’t seem too keen or to respond in any way, she soon came back over to us in the shade.

Then she decided it was my turn to cum! She unzipped my shorts and pulled out my dick, and started. But because bending down was uncomfortable for her (she was still recovering from an operation a couple of weeks earlier), she asked me to lie down rather. So it was my turn to be on the blanket, next to John and Sue who were still going for it, my pants down and my dick out, while she knelt and sucked me to a fantastic orgasm as the others watched. When we were done, I got up and made place for her to sit and rest on the blanket.

I looked around for the local guy, expecting him to be standing watching, maybe stroking himself in anticipation, wanting to join in. But he was still just watching from a distance. I again called him over, and this time he came closer, standing with me, watching the action while we chatted.

Wicus was really keen to follow John’s example. He got down in front of Marie, who spread her legs for him, but with him having cum not that long before, he wasn’t ready yet, much as he wanted to and tried to. But it was still such a turn-on to watch and hear two couples busy side by side on my blanket!

John and Sue were able to keep going for a good long while, with lots of moans of appreciation from Sue, but eventually John started thrusting harder and harder, until he too came with a loud groan. Once he had come, that seemed to be the end of the party. We folded up the blanket, said cheers to the local guy, and headed back up to the vehicles…

Would maybe have been nice to have had a few more people participating, but still - a lot happened; it was nice getting back together with John and Sue, Marie and Wicus enjoyed being exposed to a new type of fun, and generally it was a great dogging session! Tx folks!!

The local guy said in a mail afterwards that, for him, it was not just about the sex, and he had enjoyed meeting some new and interesting people! Maybe next time he’ll join in. I know Sue and Marie wished he had!