Written by cumminglinguist

19 Jan 2014

When I was way younger I dated a girl, who, for the purpouse of this story, I will call Debbie. She was a pretty girl, long brown hair, green eyes and a figure that promised to fill out into the epitomy of womanhood. She lived down the road with her mother, her father working out of town during the week only visited on weekends. As our relationship progressed, my exploring of her body was stopped short of actual sex. During my visits to her house, Debbies mother was always friendly. She was very much what her daughter was destined to become, only with large brown eyes and black hair. In truth I fantisised occasionally about Debbie as a fully developed woman, but somehow her mother got mixed into the vision... There came a day that I went to visit Debs, her mother came to the door. "Hullo," she said "Debbie is at hockey, but come on in and wait! She won't be long..." I did so, sitting on the couch in the lounge. Debbies mother arranged herself in an armchair opposite me. I say arranged, because, in hindsite, she managed to sit in a way that rumpled her skirt high up her legs...and leaning forwards, showed a nice amount of cleavage and the top of a lacey white bra. I felt myself getting hard, so I too leaned forewards to hide the growing bulge in my jeans. We talked of this and that, my eyes desperatley tearing themselves away from her soft, smooth legs and round breast tops...to look at her face when I answered a question. It wasnt easy...especially when her legs parted as she leaned back to laugh, revealling her inner thighs an a shadowy glipse of white panties. "Would you like a drink?" shd asked suddenly. "Yes please!" I answered. She left the room, giving me time to shove my hand down my jeans and rearrange my now throbbing erection. Soon she returned with a glass of cola, and handing it to me, sat down beside me...as I straightendd up to take a sip, I felt her hand touch the bulge of my groin...I spluttered in disbelief..."Is that because of me?" she whispered..."Did I cause that?" I turned to look at her and nodded. "How sweet! Can I see?" and without waiting for any answer she started tugging at my zip. As my cock sprang free, she held it gently and rubbed her thumb over the head where a small bead of precum leaked out. "Lie back." she ordered, and I sank back in disbelief as her hand stroked my cockshaft. I closed my eyes and heard her give a small moan, then I felt my cock being enveloped by a warm, wet sucking sensation...my hips bucked forwards convulsivly as my eyes opened to reveal the vision of my cock being slowly swallowed... My mind was in a whirl as I watched her eagerly sucking me in, saliva dribbling from the corners of her mouth...my cock swelled larger than I had ever felt it...I groaned in sheer ecstacy. All too soon she stopped sucking, and standing up, straddled my aching groin, lifted her skirt, her white panties wet against her mound. She pulled the panties to one side, swollen pink lips peeked out of her slit...she lowered herself so that they wrapped around my cockshaft, and moving her hips backwards and forwards, stroked them along my cock. Taking my hands in hers, she placed them on her breasts, where her nipples pushed against my palms through the fabric of her bra and top...I followed her guiding and was soon squeezing and rubbing her soft roundness. As she became more and more aroused, she thrust her hips faster and harder along my cock...and then, with a deft flick of her hand took it deep into her hot, wet pussy...grunting softly with each thrusp, she rode me until my cock exploded, the sensation so intense my world became blurred... When I regained my senses, she was slowly riding out her own orgasm, her wetness and mine leaking out of her and smearing over my groin. She kissed me gently on the lips, her big brown eyes looking glassily into mine..."Thank you sweetie..." she murmmured pantingly ..."I needed that...please... again...soon... Please..." I could only manage a nod. As she rose, my softening cock slid out, and I watched as she staggered from the room. I stood up and made myself as presentable as possible...and headed for the frontdoor...just in time to be confronted by Debs coming in.... "Hi you!" she greeted, then stopped, frowned, and then a brilliant smile lit her face... "Mmmm...I smell my mom's perfume..." and she hugged me..."Did you fuck her?" she whispered and giggled at my stammering denial..."Its OK...I know she fucks my friends she fancies...Dad is away so much and she needs it, and its better than some guy in a bar...and anyway it takes the pressure off me, so everyone is cool with it..." She kissed me and watched me stumble off...