12 Feb 2019

I get a message at work from my land lady telling me to please go home the gate is standing open. I get there and wonder what's up as both gates are closed and go in to check around. As I go through the gate I see my front door open. I go in and have a very pleasant surprise. My land lady is naked on the coach. She tells me after looking after me when I was off she needed a bit more. I tell her yes she was a very good day nurse and I'm sure I can help out. I step up to her and say first you need to check my temperature again and I drop my pants and she immediately gets to work on my now very hard cock. While she's busy I play with her nipples pinching them and squeezing her boobs. She speeds up and is pumping my cock like it's the last one she will have. I tell her I'm about to cum ant this makes her squeeze tighter and suck harder until I blow a huge load down her throat. She swallows the lot. She stands and strips me, then tells me we are going to fuck in every room and every place she has fantasized about. I lead her into the kitchen and bend her over the counter, kneeling behind her I lick her pussy she's already dripping wet. Standing behind her I enter her nice and slow, just to teaze a bit before fucking her hard deep and fast. I do this for a few minutes then stop, she moans. I take her by the hand back to the coach and sit her down, lift her legs high and ram my cock straight in. Staying like that for a while I pull out and say no we have done it here already and I lead her to the bathroom. I get her down on all fours and kneel behind her and slowly feed my cock into her wet pussy, fucking her slow and steady. While she's Infront of me I start rubbing my thumb over her anus, and get a lovely response, she pushes back on me. I ask if she's had anal and she says no. While in fucking her slow I pop my thumb inside her bum and play, wow in a few seconds she's bucking and and moaning like crazy. Before cumming so hard she falls flat on the floor. I pick her up and carry her to the bed. I ask if these ok and she says that was the most intense orgasm she's ever had. I think we at done and start getting up, she pulls me back and says fuck me hard. Who am I to say no. We fuck like animals for a good 5 minutes until she says. Now a fantasy fuck, in the garden on the garden table. She leads me this time out into the garden where she bends over the table and presents her ass to me. I hold her hips and fuck her hard and slow. I play with her anus again and she pushes back against me. I then slide a finger in, then two. We are now fucking like there's no tomorrow. She cums again and I'm a few seconds behind her. We stop and sit for a while. She then takes my hand and leads me into her bedroom. She says I want you to fuck me here like my husband has never done. We lay on the bed and I tell her to give me a few minutes to get hard, I feel her hand go to my cock and she's playing away. After a while I'm semi hard. But the going is slow. Then she wispers in my ear, if you fuck me and make me cum again you can fuck my ass. Well that did it I was hard as rock in seconds and fucking away in every position I could think of, after about 10 minutes she starts shaking and moaning again as she starts cumming. She rolls over onto her tummy and says take my ass. Just go slow. I get behind her and teaze her and slowly start feeding my cock inside her ass. Millimetre by millimetre till I'm all the way inside her, I hold still for a while then start moving slowly pumping with short strokes getting longer and faster as I go. After only a short time she's shaking and cums. I don't stop and carry on till I'm fucking her hard and fast. Eventually she's limp on the bed when I cum and pull out. Laying beside her she tells me that was amazing, she has no idea how many times she came but wants to definitely do it again when her ass has recovered. We eventually got up and dresses and I went back to work.