Written by Redrose_1

30 May 2018

As I pull up into the parking lot I survey the lot for your car. I see it in the far corner. You have seen me and climb out of your bakkie and make your way towards me. 

I am nervous and excited at the same time. We have been planning this meeting for months. Every time we arrange a date something goes wrong and it's cancelled.

You smile as you open my door for me. As I climb out you kiss me softly on my lips. Your cologne is soft and pleasant, makes me want to snuggle up against your chest. I control my impulses, don't want to come across as being too eager. We walk towards the apartment entrance. I still feel a bit apprehensive. I know there's no turning back now. As you open the door you put your hand on the small of my back, gently guiding me through the door. I make my way towards the lift.

The lift arrives and we step in. We are alone in the lift. As the lift starts moving you push the stop button. You waste no time as the door closes, you push me up against the side, your body moulding into mine, kissing me gently but still passionately. I can feel your hard cock up against me. Your hand cupping my breast. Your other hand makes his way down my body seeking the warmth of my pussy. Once he has found it you move my dress up, wanting to feel the warmth of my flesh. I have no underwear on as we agreed upon. Your hand cups my pussy, I can feel the built up passion wanting to overflow and explode. I open my legs slightly as you slide a finger into my already dripping wet pussy.

You stop kissing me and drop to your knees, lift my leg and place it over your shoulder. I feel your tongue licking my excess juices up, teasing my clit as you do so. Your tongue probing inside me. I hold onto the railing with one hand and use the other to push you deeper into me. Encouraging you, wanting you to tongue fuck me. Your hands gripping my bum cheeks, pulling me closer to you. I feel love juices slowly running down my inner leg as you suck on my clit. I know I am not going to last long. The sexual tension from the 5 year chase is reaching its peak. 

My legs are trembling as I feel my entire body tingling. My nipples harden, my skin has goose pimples. I feel shivers of delight racing up my spine rendering me weak as I feel a wave of passion taking control over my body as I climax. You are lapping up the juices that come gushing out of me. My knees are weak as I hold onto the railing for support. You stand up, kiss me passionately, I can taste my juices on your tongue, they are sweet with a tinge of something else in it but taste divine. 

You press the button allowing the lift to continue its journey. We are still kissing when the lift stops and the door opens. We step out and make our way to the apartment. You take your keys out. You search for the security gate key. We are both anxious to get inside and continue what we started in the lift. I turn around and watch the city lights, they sparkle like diamonds in the darkness.

I turn around as I hear you curse loudly. The security gate key is nowhere to be found. I help you look through the keys but they are missing. We stand there looking at each other, both speechless. I search your pockets just in case it fell off but to no avail. 

We both start laughing at how silly we feel, like two disparate teenagers wanting the thrill of forbidden fruit. 

We decide to return to the car and see if it's not there. After a thorough search we find no key. I sit back and laugh, saying it's obviously not meant to be. You on the other hand are not about to give up - you have waited long enough to get this far. You call your caretaker so he may bring you the spare key but he's not answering.

Finally you accept defeat. We sit back and just relax and chat. After a while I lean over and start kissing you. You unbutton my top and tease my nipples, rubbing them gently. I make myself more comfortable by laying across your lap. Your hand leaves my breast and reaches for my pussy. You finger me softly at first, then gradually harder. Every few seconds I feel my pussy giving soft sensuous eruptions as I gush. You give me a few seconds to recover before you continue making me gush over and over again. I stop you and move off your lap. I unzip your denim, reach in and take your cock out, he is hard as rock. Your head is wet from pre-cum. 

I start licking him clean. Slowly I lower my warm wet mouth down onto your cock. Sucking him softly, using my tongue to gently massage him at the same time. You moan as you lay, back your hands on my head keeping me there as if you are afraid I will stop. I start fucking your cock with my mouth, increasing the tempo as I feel you become more excited. You are thrusting your cock deep into my throat. For once I am not gagging, but I feel myself gush as your cock goes deeper into my throat. I deep throat you, I feel my throat constrict around your cock, I know you feel it as well as you moan aloud and push me down more onto your cock as I feel you explode in my mouth. I swallow as much as I can as I continue to suck your cock. Wanting every last drop you have to offer. 

I lick you clean and return to my seat. I put my one leg onto your lap and the other on the dash board. I watch you as I start rubbing my clit slowly.

You smile as you watch me. I know I am very wet as my fingers slide up and down my slippery sensitive clit. You reach out and start fingering me. First with two fingers then you use use three. I love it and push your hand deeper into me encouraging you. We can both hear the suction noises as you finger fuck me. I am beyond caring and open my legs wider and ask you to fist me. You slowly slide your hand into me but they're too big so won't go further than your knuckles. We accept that and you continue fucking me with your hand. 

I am enjoying it immensely, we both can feel my excitement starting to peak. You thrust harder and faster. I am so close and start moaning loudly. I use the door to my advantage as I thrust against your hand. I tell you I am going to squirt and as you take your hand out of me I squirt against you. Your shirt it wet but I don't stop, you continue to rubbing my clit as I feel soft jets of juices escape from me. Finally we calm down and I sit up and straighten myself out. I giggle nervously and become a but self-conscious of myself. You laugh as you see how I am feeling and pull me into your arms offering me safety and comfort.