22 Feb 2019

So my husband and I did some research on the lifestyle in South Africa and got a rude awakening.

In 2015 a couple in Phoenix , Durban, was knifed in their own home by the couple they invited over. The husband died on the scene and the wife was hospitalised. What scares me the most is that their children were upstairs sleeping. I can only imagine to think what would have happened if they woke up during the altercations.

How many others were to ashamed to come out after running into trouble with members on here? Your silence and experience could end someone's life so speak up on these platforms.

Are the lifestyle sites doing enough to warn members about these risks? Are couples negligent to trust another? Are we so horny that we become blind to the warning signs that present themselves so openly?

We heard about a situation of a "fake couple" on here where the guy linked the phone numbers of the couple to their Facebook profiles. Are you aware of these things and if so how do you protect your privacy? If someone can go through all these lengths then surely he/she has ulterior motives.

We just thought of sharing this with some readers. We know most of the members aren't really reading just pic hunting and to get off on something. Maybe this might stop another killing or mugging.