Written by surferbabe

11 Mar 2014

So here i am again last weekend the small town club came alive when i once again seduced all my boyfriends friends "GOT THAT" lol, so the 4 guys my bf and i sat at the table inthe bar where i not so long ago allowed some guys to drink shloters of my naked body so the thlught aroused me since we got to bar, club. So we sat and had our drinks and as the night progressed the guys came to hear aboutthe body shots been drunk off me they trie to get all the details about that night so as the alcahol flowed by i told more an more , as it alway is as soon as my bf leaves for the bathroom guys take oppertunity so one off our friends sitting next to me starts feeling my leg and in no time reaches the outer line of my panties

Gosh i thought here goes all my inner being again, and i allow him to continue while everyone praises my guts for allowing the bodyshots all hinting offcourse to do it again, i played hard not motivated at all and the pubs way too busy, so my bf returns and noticed the hand quickly moving away , without thinking i grabbed our friends hand and put it back on my leg he looked afraid for a moment but slowly caressed it, a round of shooters came and all of them begge for a bodyshot demo so my bf agreed and sai to me Go for it if you want to babe , so i thought let me just tease them a bit i loosened my top buttons exposing most of my bra ltook the shooter glass and plased it between my tits my bf was first i leant back a bit and he dug in , allof them had a turn,

My bra was soooo wet i explained and seductivlly, very slowly took it off right there making sure to flash them my tits while doing this

This was the bom the guys where all now very very desperate for some action after seeing real tits right there they where trying all sorts off games and things to get me to do anything to show more skin, so i loved every minuute off this i also knew everytime i leant over the table to reach for what ever the guys could see down my shirt and see all of my naked boobs,

After alo of dancing with all of our friends The bar eventually did quiet down and when the last round was called i chanted for shooters, as the barmen poored the round i got up whispered at my bf who smile was to die for right then, i then move the glasses outthe way sat on the edge of the table and told the guys last rounds on me and smiled lift my shirt right off leant back onto the table waiing for the shooters, the guys surrounded the table in a flash and obviosly most had a quick feel of my body some my tummy others didnt waste time and went straight for my tits, the barmen came took away all the dirty glasses off the table and pu th tray shooters on the chair, i moved more onto the table and the first shooter was poored wrecklisly over my boobs and it ran all over and Steve had his mouth all over me slurping away he was barely done and the next shooter got poored over my belly towards my boobs as he reached my rock hard nipple i felt my jean short being lifted and a shooter poored down soking my panties i imediatly said YOU better dry that up and felt as my buttons got undone and shorts pulled right off i was fkn hot as can be now in my panties topless one still licking my breasts i feel the rush as a mouth from my lower tummy reaches my panty and feel as it is pushed lower and the tongue licks where oonc my pupic hair used to cover ground i hear the guys chearing at his progress i sit up leaning on my elbows then Bryan moves in front of me and those who have rea the beach story well i kinda like him he is huge, anyway so he move in infront of me leans over kisses me once moves back and as he doe pulls my panties right off omg i say what are you guys doing to me , bryan pulls my bf closer and says come on down on her, they all cheer him on and in a sec hes down licking my sooooo wet and horny pussy, his tongue doing the magic he always does so well and doing this in public had me build and release my firs orgasm for the knight, a this muff continued the guys took no time to offer themselves to me having me stroke one and kiss another quickly turned into a swinging 4sum or was it ? Let call it a friendship swing! My bf was the first in me and in no time had them all orgasm on me one by one.

We all left to our friends home where we had a shower and most of them had another round, offcourse the next day i especialy felt like crap quilt pissed off with myself but also very very sexually satisfied and theres nothing better than a girl who has been really sexually satisfied and truess one guy cannot ever accomplish this lthey do come to quick.. so i will be with my bf and his permission be looking forward to another very sexual adventure, just some advise to you guys us girls or me are at our peak and will do anything sexual from the last day of our cyclle and then up to 4,5 days there after, we are very sexual then lol