Written by muf

26 Feb 2015

It's time to finalize Lea's story. It's been a year since I had my experience with Lea so now it's time to tell you about the final chapter.

Lea got up and asked me if I want her to untie me. I said "yes" and she said "one condition ..........................."

She kept me in suspension for longer than I could tolerate. I was tied down so I had to be patient.

"Well.............." she said, dragging it out some more, "I would love you to do an exhibition with me and a friend."

I felt suddenly very hot, and it was not from Lea's naked body on mine. "I can't perform before people, let alone have sex and being naked" Could this not happen when I was 25. It was as if Lea read my mind. "I love my men mature. I like you. You will be fine."

"So when will this take place?" I asked. "On the 10th of January just before we go home!

"How many people will be there?" I hear myself ask.

"Just a few friends" she said.

"So are you in?" she asked.

"Ok" I hear myself said. Shit, did I say I will do it? Can't be!

She untied me and I did not move. Felt like a dream. She slid down and ran her tongue up and down my cock. My cock gave a jump and Lea ran her lips over my cock's head. Her cheeks showed a distinct incline, showing she was sucking my cock. I kept my eyes closed trying not to think of this beautiful young woman sucking my cock, so I can experience the pleasure for longer. Believe me it's tough to keep yourself from cumming. Then like any good sportsman I made the mistake and took my eye off the ball, and opened one eye. It was over for me, and I lost control. By body went numb, tingling, and I spurted my cum up into her throat.

I expected her to swallow but she threw me a curve ball and opened her mouth. She let my cum run down my cock and then did something extraordinary. She licked the cum off my cock like any person licks an ice cream with the tip of her tongue. Showing my cum on the tip of her tongue, looking straight at me, she swallowed it. This was a first for me but then she threw me another curve ball. She licked the last of my cum onto the tip of her tongue and then kissed me. For the very first time I got a good taste of my own cum. I thought at first I was going vomit but thought then how I expected her to swallow it. Before I could think more about it, she got up and said "I'll see you on the 10th at 18:00 sharp......."

The Friday 10th of January I got up as usual. It had not kicked in yet as to the severity of the situation. On my way to work I broke out in a sweat. What have I agree to? I even tried to reason with Lea but she just said that I promised and that's that.

I did not concentrate at all that day. My mind was on other things. Well 17:45 I stopped at the place where I was told to meet her. For 10 minutes I sat outside. At about 17:55 I walked to the door and before I knocked Lee pulled the door open vigorously. Nearly giving me a heart attack she laughed and said "I have been watching you for 10 minutes and did not think you were coming in."

She only had a sexy black bra and hot pants on. My eyes were drawn to her nice round breasts. She took me into a large room with a sleeper couch.

"Are the people here yet?" I asked nervously. "No one is here, just you and me" she said and unbuttoned my shirt. She kissed my neck and her mouth followed the buttons. During the day I thought, what if I could not get an erection, but believe me there was no problem in that department. Her tongue played over my nipples. Pleasure pain as she bit it slightly. She put me in a trance. My nipples were so sensitive to her touch. Never thought that could happen to a man. Up until then I thought it's just a woman's thing.

I was in my own world. I suddenly realized it was not only my hands on Lea any more. Then I realized I was naked. She was a magician without a doubt. The room was packed. There were close to 50 people. The other guy was a muscular younger guy with a big cock. I was losing focus. Lea whisper into my ear "I picked you because you have extreme passion. Don't lose focus. They will all experience the passion and love it." The room was so quiet at that stage it sounded like she was screaming in my ear, and she kissed me.

My cock was against her pussy. I realized that the other guy's hand was busy playing with her clit. I was so aroused that I forgot about the spectators.

Lea went backwards to lay down on her back. The other guy pushed his cock so close to my face I could see his veins. But the shock did not last long as Lea pushed me down so I could lick her pussy. I did see the other guy fucking her hungry mouth. She really enjoyed it. He took control of her, that was evident .

I started to tease her pussy with my tongue. Lightly playing over the top, touching her erect clit. She went wild. Lifting her legs, placing them over my shoulders. Pushing my head down onto her pussy with her hands. I later realized that with the people around her, her arousal was so great there was probably no time for sweet an innocent foreplay. My tongue went straight onto her clit. I licked her and her enjoyment was huge. My tongue slipped into her pussy but I kept rubbing her clit with my nose. She clenched my hair in her fists. Her legs grabbed me around my head in a strangle hold and then she came. It was the first time I experienced such an orgasm from a woman. Quick and violent and she was extremely wet. Her whole body shook.

Her ass lifted and it was clear she did not want me to stop. She was really sensitive but I continued licking her more gently, but increased my speed over her clit and into her wet pussy. Her moans were muffled with the huge cock that was pushed in and out of her mouth.

My hands were playing with her tits. She began to sweat. Her hole body was sweating. I open my eyes and saw her face was red. Her hair was wet on the edges. There were sweat droplets all over her stomach. And small steams of sweat were running off her breasts.

I took in the scene in front of me. It was awesome. Then her second orgasm erupted with my tongue working her clit over.

Suddenly the guy pulled his cock from her mouth and came over to where I was busy with her pussy. Lea pulled me to her head and took the head of my cock into her mouth. She sucked the rest into her mouth rather than me pushing it in. At the other end the guy pushed his monster cock into her pussy. Slowly, seductively. His cock's head disappeared in her pussy. Then he waited for her pussy to adjust It was amazing to see. Lea stopped sucking my cock to breathe in as her body received his cock. That was when I noticed all the people had formed a circle around us so they could see better. They were really close. Men and women alike. All focused on the action. The other guy turned Lea around without taking his cock completely out. He positioned her on her knees and elbows. He spanked her ass. With her ass up higher than her shoulders, her pussy was at his mercy. It allowed him to bury the rest of his cock in her pussy with ease. Small rivers of sweat were running down towards her shoulders. Although she had a hard time with his cock she handled it with grace.

He actually pushed her mouth over my cock when his hips hit her ass. Pushing his cock into her pussy was really intense. It was an amazing thing to experience. I was part of it and loved it. Every one in the room experienced that because no one spoke. Lea must have called out at least 3 times before I reacted. Fuck my mouth, she said. I obliged. Her ass was spanked red. I fucked her mouth and the other guy fucked her pussy. "It is the most incredible spit I have ever seen" I heard a man say. And the woman next to him said that it's the best show she had experienced so far. My cock was swallowed whole and some times she nearly choked. But she did not let up.

Suddenly the guy turned Lea onto her back again. He leaned forward, pulled her by her hair away from my cock, and then told her to keep hold of his neck. He never removed his cock from her pussy. He picked her up. I could see he collected juices from her pussy and work his finger into her ass. It was wet and I remember thinking there is no way he will get that monster into her ass. It was clear that he did prepare her ass for his cock because soon he had two fingers in her ass. Someone passed him a vibrator, because he had wet it with her pussy juices and spread the juices into her ass. Then he ask Lea if she was okay. Her face was red and her hair was wet from all the sweat. Sweat was running down her back and into her ass crack. She nodded and for the first time he looked at me. He turned and lay on his back still with his cock in her pussy. He told me "Put your hands on her ass", and Lea turned and said "Please fuck my ass."

His cock was just soaking in her pussy. My hands touched her ass. It was warm, sweaty and nice. And I have to admit, really inviting.

My cock was so hard and wanting. My cock came to the entrance of her ass. I never had an attraction for anal sex but it was so erotic and I really wanted it like I had never wanted anything in my life. That's how I felt at that time any way. I slowly pushed my cock in. Very slowly. I was scared I might hurt her. The head of my cock separated her ass opening and my cock slid in. The other guy was laying still. Just waiting for me to get my cock into her ass.

She clenched and her ass grabbed my cock. "You have to relax" I heard the other guy tell her "or should we stop?" She relaxed and I gave it another push. Suddenly I got to an obstruction and I pulled out slightly. Lea threw her head backwards. Some one handed me cream. I dripped it on my cock and pushed my cock back in, slowly, and found the same obstruction. I now think it was the other guy's cock in her pussy. I pulled out again. The situation felt tense. I thought for a moment to stop and walk away. Lea turned and whispered in my ear. "Stop being a pussy and push it in."

I did not want to be a pussy or spoil it for any one. My cock was fully out so I had to start from scratch. I then pushed my cock's head into her ass. Again she clenched but relaxed immediately. I pushed harder and quicker. She screamed softly, biting the guy's shoulder. I looked down seeing my cock was the whole way into her ass.

We were not in sequence from the start so it was an uneasy affair to start with, but then we found our rhythm. There is a thin skin dividing her pussy and anus areas so what was weird is I could feel his cock inside her. It was erotic and I did not care. Our sweat-covered bodies felt hot against each other. I watched my cock move in and out of her ass. It looked and felt amazing. Lea must have been exhausted because she struggled to hold onto him so we had to keep her in position. Suddenly she had the most violent orgasm I have ever seen by a woman. I thought she had a fit but when I realize that she had had an orgasm it was over for me. I always believe that only in books can everyone have an orgasm at the same time but I realized that just after Lea, the other guy came. And then it was me. We had orgasms like dominoes falling after each other. I had the most amazing orgasm and was tingling all over. My leg got a cramp but I did not even care.

I just rolled off onto my back. I must have fallen asleep immediately. I was woken up by a guy giving me a coke. Lea was also fast asleep, her head on my chest. The other guy was showered and dressed, standing behind the guy giving me the coke. A woman in a nice orange top was sitting next to him on the edge of the bed. "My wife and I have been to a few shows. Never seen one so intense. Never been so aroused between other people and never seen everyone so captured by what they see". His wife just nodded and finger kissed me on the lips and they disappeared into the crowd.

The other guy came close and said thanks, and that his name was Garth. He handed me two robes. He told me we were asleep for about an hour. As I woke Lea up the people started clapping and saying "marvelous". Lea and I showered together. We showered maybe too long but it gave us time to chat.

Later we got into the robes again and a few people came into the room and greeted us and said that if we have another show with Garth they would love to come and watch again.

Just before I changed back into my clothes, I found a business card. Her name was Lialana. Just two words on the back said "call me". That's a story for another day................

I still chat to Lea. They are coming to Cape Town this December again. If any thing will happen again, I don't know, but we are going to have coffee and a chat, that's for sure.