Written by muf

10 Jan 2014

I have been a Detective in the SAPS for nearly 17 years!

One Sunday during the Christmas holidays I had to work and picked up four dockets to investigate! The second last scene I visited, just as I rang the doorbell a 27 year old redhead lady with a pony tail opened the door.

She was dressed a red T shirt and blue shorts. Her cleavage showed me she had nice tits! I went through her statement with her, but struggled to stay focused because her cleavage was distracting me.

She must have noticed that her cleavage got my brain nearly to a meltdown and I believe she decided to have fun with me. While showing me the layout of the house, she bent over and picked up everything she could find, exposing her tits to me.

Suddenly my cock jumped in my pants and it was clear that she noticed it because she stopped talking for a second.

Back in the house she offered me coffee and I accepted. Sitting across from me, she leaned forward the whole time so that her cleavage was prominent.

On a few occasions she must have seen me look, and as we got up I tried to get my hand into my pocket to hide my erection. I was way too slow. I just knew that she noticed it, and I turned red.

She led the way to the door and on the way there she stopped suddenly to pick up something and my erection bumped against her ass!

She turned around, looked at me, and asked "Warrant Officer, have I given you an erection?"

"I am so sorry, I could not help it" was my red-faced reply.

"Well" she smiled "I have to admit, I am horny myself. I've never had a cop for breakfast before."

She pushed me back onto the couch, and kissed me hard on the lips, forcing her tongue down my throat.

"I always wanted to fuck a cop" she mumbled, with her lips still against mine.

In a second my pants were off and my cock went slowly into her mouth. I was so turned on that I nearly came as her mouth sucked my cock in.

I realized that if I didn't take charge I was going to shoot too soon and would regret it my whole life.

I pulled her by her pony tale and said "my turn!"

She could see the fire in my eyes and screamed, "Make me your bitch."

I ripped her clothes off, pushed her back on the couch, and teased around her clit with my tongue.

"O yes! O YES!!" she called out.

Just tickled her clit with my tongue and it became swollen, and then I parted her pussy lips with my tongue and my tongue glided over her clit and pussy, nearly touching her ass.

She threw her head back and moaned with pleasure while my tongue turned all her senses on.

Then I sucked her clit into my mouth, pushing her clit between my tongue and the top of my mouth. With the combined sucking and the movement of my tongue, she could not take it any more. Her shortness of breath was followed by a cry and then she came.

Her legs were heavy in my arms as I lifted and hung them over my shoulders.

I could see her orgasm had taken all her energy, but she woke up as soon as I started to push my cock into her.

"Spank me. SPANK YOUR BITCH!" she cried out from between her gritted teeth.

I slapped her a few time on her ass. "HARDER!" she ordered. I spanked her harder till her ass turned bright red.

"That's right" she said. "Now fuck me!!"

So I continued fucking her. "Don't make love to me. FUCK ME!!" she shouted.

Her legs were still over my shoulders; now she straightened them, and had me in a strangled position.

"Don't make love to me, FUCK ME NOW!!" she ordered, and put the squeeze on me.

I rammed my cock into her, while she screamed "fuck your bitch!"

I felt the buildup in my cock, and exploded into a orgasm. I shot my cum into her pussy. I came like never before. I collapsed next to her totally exhausted.

I did not go back to the office, as I was too tired.

She invited me over again, and the sex got wilder every time, but that's a story for next time.