Written by Robochick69

14 Mar 2018

Cycling along behind him, I admired the perfect globes of his ass cheeks in the tight cycle shorts, hugging his firmness; the strong, tanned legs pumping away as he kept ahead of me, not even out of breath as I tried to pant quietly behind him, hoping he wouldn't notice just how unfit I was.

Joking and chatting, we teased each other as we cycled, enjoying the hot sun, each other's company and just being out in the countryside. In the back of our minds, we both knew what inevitably would follow... the exciting promise of a sexy interlude - even more reason to pedal faster. Realising that I was pretty unfit, and after a half- hearted attempt to scale the Phantom Hill pass, I said that we should turn around and cycle to the river to cool off.

Arriving there first, he tossed his mountain bicycle aside and immediately started to strip off his clothes, which were clinging to his body, glistening with sweat. A pierced nipple bar shone in the sun as his top came off, swiftly followed by a cycling bib, which was tossed aside without second thought. My heart was pounding as I shyly followed suit, blushing as he turned and looked at me, gingerly wading into the cool, dark water, mud squelching between my toes. His eyes glinting with a look that said 'I want you '. It definitely felt good with the coolness of the water against my hot body. Swimming out to him, I flung my arms around his neck and pulled him close, the cool water making way so that we could enjoy the intimate embrace, lips meeting lips, tongues hungrily darting into each other's mouths, seeking an even closer connection. My soft breasts pressed against his hard, hairy chest... skin on skin - it was orgasmic. Now his fingers were inside me and I shivered and moaned, pressing myself harder against him. Getting his cock inside was a bit difficult at first given our difference in height and the angle I was sitting on his thighs, but when it slid in so deeply and hit my cervix, 'aaaahhh' I uttered a sigh, pressing down more urgently, riding him, filled with a desire so intense I could hardly breathe...

Turning me around, he pushed me gently against the grassy riverbank which was level with my breasts and, realising what he wanted, I pressed backwards presenting and opening myself for him as he began to mount me from behind, my arms leaning on the bank, as he pounded into me. His breathing was ragged and shaky and it made me even more excited knowing that I was the cause. Pulling away from each other, he walked out of the water and stood on the shore facing me, his rampant cock standing up proudly - I immediately and obediently dropped to my knees onto the pebbles in the shallow water and took his beautiful cock into my mouth, savoring the taste of myself on him, licking and sucking him with a wild abandon, not caring that we were totally exposed to any prying eyes that might be watching. Nothing else existed - time had stopped and there was no yesterday or tomorrow - only the now.

Pulling me to my feet, he leads me to a spot where he has carefully laid his cycling clothes for me to lie on. I lie down waiting expectantly, trembling. The next minute his face is buried in my pussy, lapping at the core of me whilst he presses two fingers inside. All I could do was lie there, head thrown back in ecstasy, lost in pleasure, enjoying the sensation of his hot mouth and tongue on me whilst the cool morning air caressed my body, holding his head down so that he is forced to bury his face in my wetness. He pushed up on his knees and I know what is next ... pushing my legs up and further apart so that he could enter me. By now I was gushing, begging for more. Pushing inside me roughly, I wrapped my legs around him tightly and pushed my pelvis up to meet him, wanting us to stay melted together like this as there was nothing else but this hot desire and intense feeling of wanted to be filled. It didn't take many thrusts of his hard cock, before he was pulling out and spurting his hot cum all over my tummy.

It was then that we both heard the excited barking of two dogs out for a walk with their owner. Hurriedly, we ran into the bushes pulling our cycling clothes back on as we ran, laughing like two naughty children caught in the act. We jumped onto our bicycles and rode back to our rendezvous point. 'That was a good ride in every sense of the word' I thought to myself with a lascivious grin...